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Item#: SCP-2000

Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures:

SCP-2000-A is to be contained at Site-17 for continued studies and reverse-engineering for level two researchers. All objects inside SCP-2000 are to sterilized before handling and kept in storage when not being analyzed to be approved by level three security. Document SCP-2000-Alpha and SCP-2000-Beta are to be examined with approval of level four clearance.

SCP-2000-B is to be stored in cold storage at Site-██ for further research. Following Incident-2000-B-1, SCP-2000-B is to be kept in cryogenic slumber until sufficient medical treatment is available.


SCP-2000 was obtained during ██ /█ /67 at [DATA-RETRACTED ], which was close to Sector-██ . Amnesiac-A was given to citizens who witnessed the crash of SCP-2000-A.

SCP-2000-A is vehicle of (ask help) by (ask again) and (trice more) (general idea is smallish) wide, designed for travel in space without damaging the atmosphere due to [DATA RETRACTED ]. The interior of SCP-2000-A is divided into three rooms; piloting, bedroom/kitchen, and waste facilities.

SCP-2000-B is a deceased humanoid, with [DATA-RETRACTED ], that was found in SCP-2000-A. SCP-2000-B was found in the pilot, one hand over [DATA RETRACTED ].— [DATA RETRACTED ] is to be the presumed manner of termination of SCP-2000-B.— Upon further investigation, See Incident-2000-B-1, [DATA RETRACTED ] was determined to be delivered █ hours before entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The investigation of the source of [DATA RETRACTED ] is still underway, but due to both the time frame and [DATA RETRACTED ], [DATA RETRACTED ] cannot be from any Earth-based organization. Researchers are instructed to develop a method for removing [DATA-RETRACTED ] or strong enough material to penetrate the scales of SCP-2000-B.

SCP-2000-B was brought into Sector-██ , due to the proximity of the crash site of SCP-2000 and the available operating room. Dr. ██████ and Dr. █████ were assigned to do the autopsy. Upon examining SCP-2000-B-1 Incident-2000-B-1 occurred.

SCP-2000-Alpha was discovered during the examination of SCP-2000-A. It was brought to the attention as it was a document written in English, with several other copies in nearly all known languages, including French, Chinise(find dilect afterwards), the aceint language sanumrim (find it afterwards) and so on.



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