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This page is from an alternate universe.


QuantiMax Computing Technologies QuantiMax is a subsidiary of The Factory Inc.

Using our state-of-the-art new quantum computing technologies, you can now harness the power of the universe in your computer! You can choose from our line of QuantiMax Computers, or purchase our line of QuantiMax peripherals!

QuantiMax Computers

QuantiMax NioFra
One of our older generation models, this line of QuantiMax powered computers is no longer in production. We do offer upgrade and trade back services for them! You can get 25% off your next QuantiMax purchase when trading in NioFra computers!

QuantiMax Accessories

Quanti-Core Processor
Absolutely the fastest Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) yet, our Quanti-Core Processor gives you the power of 16-Qubit processing power! It's compatible with all non-quantum enabled motherboards, and will vastly speed up any computer!

Ever wanted to watch a movie while someone else wanted to watch a game show? Or have you tried to go to sleep only to have your significant other wake you by accident with the brilliant flash from the UDTV? Well we've got the answer for you! The Factory is proud to bring to you the Q-Mind, the world's first telecognitive media player! Now you can sit back and do everything you've ever done on a normal computer, right in your very mind! You can choose from an augmented reality playback to fully immersed viewing!

QuantiMax Software

This unique program allows you to save the fragrance of your art into your images. When used with our QuantiCams, you can save the smells of that exact moment in your photos! To experience them again, all you have to do is scratch 'n sniff!


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