A Box Full of Sand

Identification #: SCP-1123

Object class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1123 is to be kept electromagnetically suspended in a hermetically-sealed cubic container measuring at least one-half meter on every edge. This container will be periodically rotated between sites due to the sensitive nature of the information it provides and will be guarded by at least four (4) security personnel at all times.

As of Incident J1123-16, experimentation with SCP-1123 is impossible. SCP-1123’s container must also be expanded to 20 meters on every edge and must be composed of pure lead or other sufficiently dense metal to prevent radiation leakages. Under absolutely no circumstances shall the container be opened without express written and verbal approval from at least two (2) level 4 personnel. No radioactive material is to be allowed within 50 meters of the containment area. Any and all communication attempts by either SCP-1123 or SCP-1123-2 must be reported immediately to level 4 personnel to be relayed to O-5 command. Should SCP-1123-1 reemerge, the entire facility must be immediately evacuated and O-5 command directly notified. Rotation of container is no longer necessary.

Description: SCP-1123 was originally discovered by a precursor to the Foundation in Siberia in 18██ encased in a block of ice. How its location was discovered remains unknown. It was transferred into Foundation custody in 19██ at which point its properties became known.

SCP-1123 is a cylindrical tube measuring 30 cm in length and fifteen 15 cm in diameter. Although appearing metallic, sample collection has proven impossible due to the item’s unusual properties, as follows. SCP-1123 emits a mild form of radiation similar to that of SCP-119, which intensifies the closer it is to the object. This radiation appears to effectively “speed up” the time around it while also dampening the effects of gravity. Although its effects are negligible beyond 15 cm around the object, the intensification of its effects causes any object coming close to making contact with it to instantaneously vaporize. Analysis of the particles given off by such a reaction indicates that each individual particle approaching contact with the object underwent rapid radioactive decay even if its half-life was billions of years. Testing with metals denser than lead has been expressly forbidden due to the possibility of a massive pulse of high-energy radiation if near-contact is made.

Initially, the object was unremarkable apart from these properties and remained in containment for several decades without incident. On ██- ██- 20██, however, its additional anomalies were discovered (See Experiment Log 1123-I). Based on those events, SCP-1123 was apparently in a “dormant” state and was “activated” by contact with human blood, at which point it displayed the capacity for speech in a disembodied voice.

It is currently unknown how it was able to “calibrate” its language, and investigation into any telepathic properties has proven inconclusive. Further communication outside of the experiment logs when SCP-1123-1 was not being generated has resulted in the following information:

  • SCP-1123 appears to have "quirks" in its language, often inserting the words PAUSE or WORKING when it is doing one of those in the middle of a conversation. This is theorized to be because it was programmed to interpret more "enlightened" languages, causing it to have to "work" to find the English word closest to what it wished to convey when no word actually fits or in similar instances.
  • It appears that when SCP-1123 prefaces something with "PROGRAMMED RESPONSE:" it indicates that a preset phrase has been inserted into its system to be repeated whenever certain questions are asked. When inquired as to what "PROGRAMMED RESPONSE:" meant, SCP-1123 replied that it does not remember ever saying anything like that, saying that it actually answered the question to the best of its abilities.
  • SCP-1123 has displayed limited capacity for insight into past conversations. Exact intelligence tests return highly varying results.
  • There also seems to be certain things which SCP-1123 does not comprehend ignorance of, such as not understanding what "The Entity" it refers to is. After being asked several times to explain it, SCP-1123 displayed an inordinate amount of insight by analogizing explanation of "The Entity" in English to attempting to convey the color blue to a blind person.

Most remarkably, SCP-1123 has indicated its purpose to be the tracking and observation of what it calls “the entity,” hereafter referred to as SCP-1123-2. It has displayed the ability for “manual observation of the entity”, creating a space-time anomaly (SCP-1123-1) that leads directly into what is believe to be various locations in the interior of SCP-1123-2. Exploration through SCP-1123-1 has shown SCP-1123-2 to be of immeasurable proportions, with preliminary surveys of its gravitational pull being similar to that of Jupiter. “The entity” also appears to be mobile not only through space but also through [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is considered to be highly dangerous and any possible movement that can be identified as towards Earth must be recorded and reported immediately. (See Experiment Logs 1123-II through 1123-IV)

Addendum: Following Incident J1123-16, SCP-1123’s radiation field has intensified greatly, increasing its effective radius to 18 meters and causing it to float in mid-air when not acted upon. Any and all communication attempts with SCP-1123 have also been futile. SCP-1123-2 has now displayed the capacity for communication and psychological attacks. Temporarily upgraded to Keter classification pending further consideration from O-5 command upon review of the experiment logs; see Experiment Log 1123-V.

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