A box of matches

Item #: SCP-1375

A replica of SCP-1375

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Description: SCP-1375 was found in a rundown grocer in █████████████, Sweden by a group of local youths. The item appears to be a normal sized box of 'Three Stars' safety matches, upon further inspection, various burn marks and scratches can be found on the back and front of the match box. It should be noted that, regardless of how many one attempts to empty from the box, it will never run out .Once the subject has held the box for exactly three minutes, the subject will begin to become agitated and annoyed, regardless if there's someone else in the room or not. After six minutes,the subject will become enraged and start yelling an unrecognisable language, similar to a dead Swedish dialect native to Western Svealand. After nine minutes, the subject will begin punching, kicking, and using whatever means necessary to damage their surroundings with ferocious strength, beyond their own capabilities, resulting in the subject breaking most, and in some cases all of the bones in their hands and/or feet. Attempts at calming the subject down at this point using high-strength tranquilizers and sedatives have proven unsuccessful. Finally, after twelve minutes, the subject will pull a match from the box and light it, and proceed to self-immolate themselves until their body is burned to a crisp, the subject is usually dead at this point. However, very few subjects have survived, but die shortly afterward, despite medical treatment.

Containment: SCP-1375 is to be kept a 2.5 inch thick steel box, and may not be removed from said box without class A authorization, failiure to adhere to this will result in demotion to D-Class and or termination.

Addendum: Following the incident of a Class-C personnell using SCP-1375 to light a cigarette without prior authorization, the case of SCP-1375 has been fitted with a ███████ lock which requires a █████████████ code to open.

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