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Reproduction of SCP-939 --DONE--

Document #939-00-62: Reproduction of SCP-939

09-25-1992: SCP-939-1 gave birth following a gestation period of roughly twelve (12) months. Litter SCP-939-A contained six specimens, numbered SCP-939-A1 to SCP-939-A6. SCP-939-A1, A4, and A5 were male, while A3 and A6 were female. SCP-939-A2 was stillborn and immediately cannibalized by SCP-939-1. SCP-939-1 made no attempts to interfere with confiscation of its offspring.

Vivisection of SCP-939-A1, A3, A4, and A5 found them to be morphologically and genotypically indistinguishable from healthy human infants.1 The remains of SCP-939-A1 and SCP-939-A3 are kept preserved in Biological Materials Storage Units 939-026C and 939-026D, respectively, within Bio-Research Area-12. Remains of SCP-939-A4 and SCP-939-A5 were incinerated.

SCP-939-A6 will be transferred to [REDACTED] for observation as it matures. It will undergo monthly physical examination, supplemented with any additional measures deemed necessary.

Document #939-A6-16: Transfer of Dr. ██████


Note 03-16-1997: After overhearing numerous conversations between personnel, SCP-939-A6 has come to believe its name is "Keter." Given the marked positive effect on its mood, staff are advised to neither encourage nor discourage this assumption.

Document# 939-A6-33: Emergency Medical Log SCP-939-A6

Date: 01-09-2001

At approximately 2000 hours, SCP-939-A6 began acting increasingly unsettled. When questioned, it reported a sense of malaise. Breathing was observed to be rapid and shallow. SCP-939-A6 was escorted to the medical ward for further examination. Heart rate was measured to be erratic, averaging one-hundred ninety (190) beats per minute. No further anomalies were observed; SCP-939-A6 was administered a benzodiazepine and returned to containment. Probable panic attack; trigger undetermined.

Date: 01-10-2001

At approximately 0430 hours, SCP-939-A6 reported the same symptoms, accompanied by a mild headache and aversion to light. Examination returned identical results to the previous day. SCP-939-A6 instructed to rest, administered a sedative, and returned to containment.

Date: 01-24-2001

Symptoms outlined above persisted for two weeks before intensifying. SCP-939-A6 destroyed the lighting fixture in its enclosure and was found to have assumed the fetal position underneath its bed at 0140 hours. A6 staunchly resisted leaving its chamber, requiring it be carried to Area-██'s medical ward. It complained of a severe headache, intense aversion to light, hypersensitivity to auditory stimuli, intense chest and abdominal pain, and uncomfortable warmth, commenting that it "hurt too much to cry." A6's core body temperature measured to be 41.2° C. Technicians were unable to locate a pulse.

MRI indicated [REDACTED]

A reinforced concrete containment cell was immediately prepared for SCP-939-A6. The cell's lighting was dimmed and a large basin full of water provided at its request.

Date: 01-26-2001

SCP-939-A6 immersed itself in the provided water basin and remained inactive for a period of approximately forty-one (41) hours, at which point it began violently tearing at its skin. It displayed a considerable amount of distress upon realizing its skin was sloughing off, but appeared unable to stop. At 2236 hours, Dr. ███████ reported SCP-939-A6's head detached itself. By 2240 hours, it appeared morphologically identical to, albeit much smaller than, SCP-939-1.

Addendum 02-13-2001: SCP-939-A6 has been re-designated SCP-939-101. It will be transferred to Bio-Research Area-12 for further study.

Document# 939-101-77: Audio Log 939-101A #13

<Begin Log, 1016 hrs, 05-22-2004>

<Access to Cryogenic Preservation Room 939-101 granted to: Dr. ██████.>

<Access to CGPT 939-101A granted.>

SCP-939-101: Excuse me, mister? Why are we here? It's bitterly cold and we would like to go home now. We're very late for our bedtime, and we're very sorry. We didn't mean it.

SCP-939-101: Have you seen our pictures? We like drawing. Daddy hung them on the wall except for sometimes when the others in white coats took them away. Daddy told us not to draw pictures like those. They made him sad, so we did our best to draw other things, but sometimes we forgot. Sometimes daddy hid the pictures or ripped them up. He told us it wasn't that he didn't like them. He said it was to keep us safe from the mean doctors in the white coats, but then the doctors took daddy away.

SCP-939-101: They made us get shots and told us to forget about daddy, but we're scared of needles without daddy around. We didn't forget daddy. Daddy forgot us, though. We think it was the doctors' fault. Daddy wouldn't forget about us, would he?

SCP-939-101: They gave us a fake daddy and told us it was real daddy, but we knew better. The doctors made us get more shots. They kept telling us fake daddy was real daddy, but they couldn't fool us. We told them it was wrong to lie just like daddy told us, and then they stopped lying.

SCP-939-101: They made us be by ourselves, but they gave us paper and pencils and paints and told us we could draw whatever we wanted so we did. Sometimes we drew daddy. Sometimes we drew what daddy told us not to draw. The doctors took all our pictures.

SCP-939-101: Sometimes the doctors in the white coats and the people with the big black shirts with lots of pockets and helmets that carried bent windows and… what did daddy call them? I forgot. They walked with us down the hall for our checkups. We didn't like those.

SCP-939-101: Sometimes we had to lay in a dark place and be really, really still. Daddy would tell us stories. We didn't always understand them, but we liked them anyway. There were stories about places that didn't have ceilings, where up was forever and the ground wasn't white. We think it's silly. Everywhere has ceilings, doesn't it? After the doctors took daddy away, we didn't get to hear stories any more.

SCP-939-101: Then we didn't feel good.

SCP-939-101: The doctors made us get lots of checkups and we think they got scared so we got scared too. We had a really bad headache and the lights bothered us and so did noises. We wanted to find lots of cool water away from the bright lights until our headache went away.

SCP-939-101: They let us be in the dark and gave us lots of water, but the water made us itch all over. When we scratched, sometimes our skin came off. We were so scared. We kept asking for daddy, but he never showed up.

SCP-939-101: Eventually we didn't have any skin left, but it was ok because we didn't need it any more. We stopped itching after that. The lights stopped bothering us so much and the headache went away after our old head came off. Lights still bother us, but not as much as they did. We don't see right anymore.

SCP-939-101: We got so hungry. It was bad, but we ate our old skin and our old head. It tasted good, but it was still bad. We were still hungry after that and asked for food. They gave us food, even our favorites, but none of it tasted right to us. All that tasted good was one piece of meat. We asked for more of that.

SCP-939-101: They locked two people in the dark with us. We asked them not to, but they didn't listen to us. We weren't hungry for a while after that, but we're hungry now.

SCP-939-101: We're very sorry. We know lying is wrong. We didn't mean it.

<End Log, 1037 hrs>


Incident AMN-C227-939

SCP involved: SCP-939

Description: On 01-30-1992, a statistical rate of missing persons reports more than ██ times the ████████ national average was noted amongst civilians administered AMN-C227 following the capture of SCP-███ on 11-28-1990, two (2) kilometers northwest of █████████ ████, ███████, ██████. Pending further investigation, use of AMN-C227 was suspended. On 01-31-1992, Field Agents ███████, ████, and ████████ were dispatched to the area investigate. Through collaboration with local law enforcement, Agent ████ was able to secure an interview with J████ S████. Approximately seven months prior to the arrival of Field Agents, J████ S████ reported three individuals missing under suspicious circumstances; all had been previously administered AMN-C227.

Document# 939-73: J████ S████ Interview 1

Interviewed: J████ S████

Interviewer: Agent ████

Foreword: This interview is being conducted by myself, Agent ██████ ████, in order to confirm or refute the possibility of a link between the disappearances of A██████ M██, J███ V██ S███████, and C██████ W███ reported by Mr. J████ S████ on the 5th of June, 1991, and prior administration of AMN-C227 to all four named individuals on the 28th of November, 1990.

<Begin Log>

Agent ████: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, Mr. S████. To begin, I'd like you to relate the events of June 5th in as much detail as you can.

J. S.: Ok… I called some friends, and we decided to go for a hike, just sort of fuck about in the woods, you know? It was a nice enough day out and we had nothing better to do. I remember [SUPERFLUOUS DIALOG REDACTED] Nothing seemed strange until I commented on a feeling of deja vu. A██████ gave me a funny look and said she felt it too. We all did. M█████ musta been the only smart one, he got creeped out and went home. The rest of us were curious and decided to look into it. I mean, when have you ever heard of five people all feeling deja vu at the same time?

Agent ████: Can't say I ever have. Please, continue.

J. S.: It got even stranger. The feeling of familiarity got stronger and stronger as we neared █████████ ███.

Agent ████: █████████ ███?

J. S.: Yeah, huge cave nearby. I don't think any of us had ever been inside before. We only had one flashlight, and it was dumb as hell in hindsight, but we went inside. The feeling kept getting stronger the further in we went. I know I keep calling it deja vu, but that's not the right way to put it. It was more of a general feeling of familiarity, not like this had happened before, but something about it was just familiar and nobody could put their finger on what. The deeper we went, the more familiar it felt, the more certain we felt we were getting closer. To what, I don't know, none of us knew, and that's why we kept going.

Agent ████: Did you find anything?

J. S.: No. Well, I don't know. I remember C██████ saying something about it getting late, that we should turn back. I don't remember anything after tha… that until I… I…

Agent ████: If you need to take a moment, that's fine.

J. S.: (sobbing) I… don't remember a fucking thi… thing until sit-ting on the side of the highway. It… it was dark out. An officer was as… as… asking me questions… telling me to st-ay calm un… until an ambulance a-rrived. I was all… cut up, screaming ab-about red, beg… begging the officer to let me g-go, I had to get… a-away.

Agent ████: Away from what?

J. S.: The red!

Agent ████: What was red?

J. S.: I… I d-don't remember.

Agent ████: What about your friends?

J. S.: Th-they weren't with me. They th-think I did it, w-won't list-en to me, said I w-was high on something, th-that I was c-coming down off a bad acid t-trip. Said I k-k-kept scream-ing at the ambulance's fl… flashing lights, that they w-were going to get me. I d-don't remember that… b-but red makes me f-feel uneasy now.


<End Log>

Closing Statement: My team is ill-prepared to investigate further. We'll be returning to [REDACTED] in the morning to report our findings. A minimal coverup should be necessary, depending on what's found, at least for this particular incident. To this end, I suggest Mr. J████ S████ be strongly implicated in his friends' disappearances. Following his conviction, he could be recruited from the prison system as Clearance Level 0 janitorial staff and transferred to whatever installation can use him.

Agent ████ reported the possibility of an SCP-939 den in the area and an eradication detail was dispatched to investigate. SCP-939 presence was confirmed within █████████ ███ and eradicated by 02-06-1992.

On 02-20-1992, Dr. ███████ confirmed the sensation of familiarity reported by J████ S████ was solely attributable to a hitherto undocumented effect of a second exposure to aerosolized AMN-C227 following a first exposure of an individual to ECt. This sensation appears to act as a lure in those affected by AMN-C227, drawing them toward higher concentrations, most often centering around dens of SCP-939.

Addendum 03-01-1992: AMN-C227-aided Tracking of SCP-939: We can use this. Anyone exposed to a concentration high enough for temporary anterograde amnesia to manifest can stalk them like bloodhounds if they know to identify the misplaced sense of familiarity for what it is. Based on Agent ████████'s retracing of the route Mr. J. S. and his friends followed, we know to expect an effective range of █ kilometers if we use this form of tracking. No, it can't find individual SCP-939, but it can guide us to their dens.

I recommend we brief a number of field operatives on this plan. Any willing would then be exposed to AMN-C227 under controlled conditions and dispatched first to the locations of AMN-C227 use on civilian populations. Any errant sensation of familiarity experienced by these operatives will be taken as identification of an SCP-939 den nearby and reported as such. Eradication teams will be dispatched to investigate, destroying these dens as they are located.

After this has been accomplished, I believe the dispatch of these operatives to major population centers to facilitate their securing, coupled with standard monitoring of civilian, military, law enforcement, and [REDACTED] channels of information is the best course of action to locate and exterminate SCP-939 in the wild. - Dr. ███████

RE: SCP-939 Vivisection

TO: Dr. ██████
FROM: Dr. Smascher
RE: SCP-939 Vivisection

I have completed my vivisection of SCP-939-011d without serious incident. If you should decide to perform a vivisection yourself to confirm my findings, I recommend using double or triple the dosage of anesthetics my team employed, or at very least substituting standard leather restraints for steel.

My official report may be found attached to this message.

Index of Materials

Name: Dr. Smascher
Date: 07-01-2004
Total items: Five (5) adult SCP-939 specimens.

Input: One adult SCP-939 specimen was placed within SCP-914 on each setting.

Setting: Rough
Output: A mass of bone splinters, broken teeth, and scraps of translucent red tissue of various sizes. Tissue was observed to twitch spasmodically for several hours before activity ceased. Material preserved for further study.

Setting: Coarse
Output: Subject was divided up into organized piles of tissue, including but not limited to (presumably) muscle tissue, two piles of ground bone tissue (the significance of this division, if any, is unknown), teeth, skin, a total of approximately seventeen (17) meters of esophageal tissue divided into numerous coils, and approximately fifteen (15) kilograms of rotting human flesh littered with splinters of bone, shreds of fabric, and a tattered laminated ID tag identifying its owner as D-09355. As with the first test, SCP-939 tissue was observed to convulse for several hours before ceasing activity. SCP-939 remains preserved for further study; human remains incinerated.

Setting: 1:1
Output: [REDACTED]

Setting: Fine
Output: The same SCP-939 specimen. Respiration was noted to have halted. Test subject was immediately relocated to a reinforced concrete containment chamber and observed remotely via CCTV. Installation security forces were ordered to high alert. Twenty-four hours passed with no signs of activity from the subject. Subject proved unresponsive to all stimuli and was pronounced dead thirty-six hours later. Necropsy was unable to identify a cause of death nor any anatomical revisions attributable to SCP-914. Remains preserved for further study.

Setting: Very Fine
Output: A heap of smoldering white ash.

Incident ABCA14-939-2

SCP involved: SCP-939-1

Personnel involved: Research Assistant Silberman, Officer Tentative

Date: Initial: 08-17-2003
Resolution: 09-26-2003

Location: Armed Bio-Containment Area-14

Description:On August 17th, Research Assistant Silberman was seized by SCP-939-1 while supervising its transfer. Due to a clerical error, the carfentanil tank which supplied anesthetic to Cell 1163-A was substituted for nitrous oxide, previously noted following vivisection of SCP-939-011d to be largely ineffective for sedation purposes. SCP-939-1 lifted Silberman by the throat; Silberman panicked, tearing away his mask and clawing at SCP-939-1's arm. SCP-939-1 released Silberman several seconds later. No response was noted amongst the other SCP-939 specimens.

Transfer was aborted and Research Assistant Silberman was rushed to the medical ward. No life-threatening injuries were found, though moderate bruising on the neck and the loss of several fingernails were noted. Silberman was released after the effects of AMN-C227 subsided and instructed to "take it easy for a few days." Silberman's mood was noted to be uncharacteristically upbeat, attributed to inhalation of nitrous oxide.

On September 26th at 1142 hours, Officer Tentative noticed Cell 1163-A's door open and declared a possible containment breach. As Tentative approached the cell to investigate, SCP-939-1 dropped from the ceiling of the cell, charging Tentative. Officer Tentative discharged two (2) electric incapacitation rounds from his 12-gauge shotgun, striking SCP-939-1 center mass, temporarily disabling it. After securing the cell door, Tentative reported all SCP-939 were secure within Cell 1163-A; Research Assistant Silberman's mangled corpse lay inside. Corpse retrieval was deemed infeasible.

Review of security footage showed Silberman entering Cell 1163-A at approximately 1141 hours. No testing, transfer, experimentation, nor observation was scheduled to take place, and as such, no anesthetizing agents had been administered to the SCP-939 specimens within. Silberman's quarters were searched and several personnel in frequent contact with him were questioned in order to determine what factors may have contributed to his suicide. Relevant findings are recorded below.

Interviewed: Officer Tentative

Interviewer: ████████

Foreword: Interview conducted in accordance with post-Incident investigative protocol with the purpose of determining the factors which contributed to Research Assistant Silberman's suicide.

<Begin Log>

████████: I've got another dozen individuals to interview after you, so I'll make this quick.

Tentative: Fine by me.

████████: Did you note any abnormal behavior on the part of Silberman prior to his suicide? Anything that might lead you to believe he was depressed or otherwise emotionally unstable?

Tentative: He was always an odd one, but didn't strike me as emotionally disturbed. He seemed more laid back lately. I figured he was thrilled to be alive after 939-1 grabbed him.

████████: Did you inquire as to the cause of his apparently improved mood?

Tentative: No.

████████: Is there anything you know that may assist in this investigation?

Tentative: He carried a notebook with him everywhere; wrote in it frequently.

████████: Thank you, that'll be all.

<End Log>

Document# PD9-16: Silberman Notebook


Interviewed: Lauren Summit

Interviewer: ████████

Foreword: Interview conducted in accordance with post-Incident investigative protocol with the purpose of determining the factors which contributed to Research Assistant Silberman's suicide.

<Begin Log>

████████: Let's get right to the point, if you don't mind. You're an accountant, correct?

Summit: Yes.

████████: How did you know Silberman?

Summit: We chatted over lunch, occasionally. I didn't know him very well; he kept mostly to himself before about a month ago.

████████: (shuffling papers) A month ago?

Summit: That's right.

████████: How would you characterize his more recent behavior?

Summit: He seemed cheery, almost optimistically expectant. I thought it was oddly out of character for him. I wondered if he'd been reassigned to a less… exotic facility, so I asked him about it.

████████: What did he say?

Summit: He said he had a date with the lady in red. I didn't think anything of it.

████████: Were you aware of Silberman's involvement in the incident which occurred on the seventeenth of August that resulted in injuries to his neck and hands?

Summit: …No.

████████: Thank you, Ms. Summit, that'll be -

Summit: I asked him about the bandages on his hands, and bruises on his throat. He told me it was a simple misunderstanding and wouldn't elaborate. I assumed it was something involving Area Security and didn't press. Why, what happened?

████████: That'll be all, Ms. Summit.

<End Log>

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  • Revise SCP-938
    • SCP-938 storms characterized by varying frequency and intensity of literal blood rain, and by frequent/near constant cloud-to-cloud lightning, punctuated by a single cloud-to-ground2 strike, after which electrical storm activity subsides significantly and blood showers end.
    • Revise description to more clearly delineate and characterize SCP-938's behavior in atmospheric and ground states.
    • Fold SCP-938 containment history document into main article as addenda.
    • Revise containment to describe how blood flow off SCP-938 is handled; specifically, channels along/beneath/between capacitor racks irrigated with potent anti-coagulant solution.
      • Maybe do a few terribly dry logs of such minutiae as breakdown of bleed rate by rack/rack cluster and total to be cited in proposal to O5. General parameters which would be relevant to record as part of 938's containment.
  • Complete and format Collated Incident Log 938/285
  • Complete and format EXCEPTS OF PROPOSAL/RECOMMENDATION TO O5 COMMAND "Proposal 938-20140929.2: O5-2;3;11"
    • Stupid sexy [REDACTED]
      • [REDACTED] in between each segment of proposer talking and the next, possibly (probably) stick some in the sections after ellipses, probably break up some sections.
    • Idea being, matters of some significance and ambiguity requiring timely attention are brought before a small council of O5 personnel, presumably with each having a small retinue of advisers also in attendance, if possible, via conference call. Push-to-talk, so the O5s can't hear the discussion between another O5 and their advisers, or be overheard by the person(s) presenting their proposal; voices of O5s distorted. After proposal is heard, questions are posed/answered/etc, O5s vote on it, and consider alternatives if necessary.

Collated Incident Log 938/285

Lots of formatting work required.

Collated Incident Log 20140911/0285,0938:PROBABLE; LAST UPDATED 2355Z

Safe / KETER

ONGOING AS OF 20140911 2355Z



Incident Log 20140911/0285/01

0613: SCP-285 removed from storage; use approved for observation of SCP-████ by Dr. ██████.

0631: SCP-285 passed by Researcher █████ to Assistant ████. Assistant ████ drops SCP-285; later reports static jolt as reason.

0631: SCP-285 rolls upon landing. Rest position of cone approx. facing 35° N by NE; SCP-285 switch in OFF position, with Jr Res █████ and Asst ████ standing opposite.

██ ██N. ██ ██W.
██ ██N. ██ ██W.
██ ██N. ██ ██W.
NOTICE 20140911 0701Z:

Reason for Incident Log Collation(s): CAPBANK-0, BCRS-07, lies at heading 34° N by NE, ███ km from location of Incident 20140911/0285/01. Possible relation between “feedback” phenomenon observed in Incident 20140911/0285/01 and partial containment breach of SCP-938: SITUATION ONGOING AS OF 20140911 2355Z. Speculative causal relation; direction indeterminate. Highest priority for further analysis.

A Mind Touched in Fumbling Ignorance

One sees who's blind:
gripping tightly sight sublime;
through not eyes, but mind;
thought's pulsing cadence
shall be thine guiding light.

The walls bleed.
They once breathed.
The air screams.
The air is fragile.
The seams (now?) are seen. (I can see the seams?)

…as we endeavor;
to remember;
in remembrance
of what must once have been.

…as we seek, behind your eyes,
a truth ever known;
yet, unperceived.

…to have and to hold;
once more, splendor;
resplendent glimmer,
nestled in mortal veil.

…as ever, we endeavor,
in nascence;
comprehensive ephemeral;
at furthest reach of name.

…as you aspire,
to (forgiveness/ruin?);
(our ruin?)The blood and thunder of our wake.


A man is running. His lungs burn and legs threaten to seize. He doesn't know how long he's been running: hours have passed as minutes and weeks have seemed as days. He can't name his pursuer, though at the last, nebulous understanding gnaws at the peripheries of his mind. He heaves, nearly overcome by the nauseating stench of blood. He blinks, in vain, wiping it from his eyes. They burn, and I feel it all.

I see through his eyes; I know his mind. I am not him. The blood he chokes on, washing down his face, is not his. It rains from the sky. He wants to laugh. Blood washes away his tears.

Lightning cracks the sky overhead, flickering across the base of the clouds; the next bolts ascend, higher and higher, concealed within. The lashing tongues of light, retreating, and the hiss of blood rain falling call to his mind the image of a coiling serpent. Every rolling wave of thunder seems less to shake the sky above, and more the ground below. The flashes are our only light. Each burns an image into his mind: they paint the clouds with disturbing and impossible silhouettes, and every falling drop of blood appears to be, for the brief instant they may be seen, an irridescent red eye, split helter-skelter with pupils of any number and shape. They stare back at him from the face of his pocket watch. Its hands are frozen in place; it stopped at 9:38 in the morning. We have seen this all before. I will again. The sky bleeds. The air is fragile. I can see the seems. In their light, a dire truth serene.


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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe


Description: SCP-XXXX are three prototype turbojet engines, created by Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works division between 1957 and 1958. No audible sound is produced by any interactions involving SCP-XXXX3, nor by their operation at any altitude, speed, or level of thrust. While SCP-XXXX is in operation, all non-verbal linguistic communication within approximately 15km (+/- 3km depending on thrust) is supplanted with phonetic or onomatopoeic depictions of the sound of a jet engine. This includes written, typed, and digital textual communications, signals-based formats4, and gesture-based communication5. Verbal communication is unaffected.



SCP-333 Revisit

Small changes. Addition/revision of one, maybe two addenda.

TODO: 333-10: Mention identification of motifs for specific persons/things, including 333-C, connecting them to events as they transpired during Operation "Harmonizer." Mention analysis finds motifs or general differences in tone which appear to correspond to (seasons/moon phases/solar cycles/planetary positions) at the time performance occurs; unclear if predictive or prescriptive, found to be present and accurate across all records of prior 333-A compositions.

333-11: Addendum stating that, at some point just prior to 285/938 incident, instances of 333-A (undecided if all, or a few, and whether or not changes were consistent across all instances) were found to have changed to include incomplete, disjointed lyrical segments - no lyrical portions existed previously. Possible link to 938, possible link to 285/938 incident, possibility SCP-333(-C?) capable of "orchestration from the far side of silence."

Addendum 333-10: Computer-aided analysis of SCP-333-A and all copies thereof, considered alongside the events of Experiments SCP-333-A-B 1-9 and Operation ██████████ indicates SCP-333-A dictates any and all occurrences within SCP-333-B, including activity of Foundation personnel and SCP-333-C. All further testing of SCP-333 is hereby suspended indefinitely.

Addendum 333-11:

333-C motif-associated lyrical sections:
"… and I shall strum upon the rain"
"… your words now mine and Voices for the Choir Sublime"
"I, the City, the Symphony, Conductor and the Song…"
"… undone, an innocent, infinite sin …"
"… purpose gone, Name Sung Dissonant, fallen the sinner's profane strings and tongues"
"… Sung to linger on in Emptiness and in mourning as only your … will fathom"
"… My Rejoinder strummed upon the rain"
"… walk in regret and Dance your Penitence"
"Mourn What Once Was We"
"… nusquam esse…"
"once more, My Accord, and nevermore"
" the Farther Side of Silence lest the Herald Symphony Sing a Requiem for the Children of Dust and Stars"
"… Remember Me."

Harmonizer Personnel motif-associated sections:
"… understands…"
"… grieves and forgives…"
"… Kaleidoscopic and Broken…"
"… ever Dying…"
"… crying for Silence, when no more It must Be"
"… non sum qualis eram…"
"… Sung a last time…"
"… forgives us but It cannot Erase…"
"… Lamenting our folly, our stars-in-hand…"
"… non sum qualis eram…"
"… (remade in?) Its Own Chords and Verse…"
"… shadows of Echoes and ghosts…"
"… It means to let Us leave."

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