Addendum 05-008792-GN

After extensive testing during ██ months with a total of ███ D – Class personnel, it is almost certain (P-value = 0.02) that we have found the trigger for manifestations of SCP-1399s anomalous properties: SCP-1399 will activate if it is touched by a person that has been subjected to child abuse during infancy. Supporting this hypothesis, the severity of the manifestation strongly correlates (Pearson correlation = +0.93) with the severity and frequency of the child abuse suffered. Additionally, the facial/bodily parts which become distorted during a manifestation are consistent in each case with the manner of abuse the test subject has undergone.

“Show me on the doll where he touched you” indeed…being in the Foundation, its easy to forget the world outside has its own, more mundane, forms of fuckedupness – Dr. █████

SCP-1399 classification downgraded to Safe, containment procedures updated. Request by Dr. █████ to give an anonymous tipoff to law enforcement agencies regarding child abuse at █████████ Orphanage denied, risk of compromising Foundation agents and procedures deemed unacceptable, since records from █████████ Orphanage of the orphans present at the time of SCP-1399s retrieval were destroyed by unknown agents at some point in time between the retrieval of SCP-1399 and discovery of the trigger.

Sorry Doctor, we just can’t risk it, not after Agent █████ screamed his head off in front of all those kids and now it turns out that we can’t track them down to administer amnesiacs. We are the Secure, Contain, Protect Foundation, not the Save The Whole World Foundation. Look on the bright side, now that we know what sets this thing off we can pretty much lock it up and throw away the key. – O5-3

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