Item #: SCP-10000 Image removed by O5 Command.

Object class: Keter Euclid Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Keep him away from humanity, in an enclosed space far away from any people. He is in a 5 ft. wide cell. He is now allowed in any room, but he has to be contained in a straightjacket.

Description: SCP-10000 is harmful at all costs. His knife, SCP-10000-1, seemingly regenerates. He is stronger than most humans. Keeping him contained in a straightjacket is vital. It is the only thing that will keep him trapped. His mask is his only strength. SCP-10000's position has now been moved to the mask. The man, real name █████ ██████, has been given amnesiacs and released into the public population. His mask is apparently a source of insanity, and as such, was the source of the victim's unfortunate rage. Refer to article [DATA EXPUNGED] to read about the mask.

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