Again and Again

Unacceptable theories on human evolution
Inexplicable query as to why we have pollution
Unerectable statues of forgotten heroes
Unconventional weapons have replaced the bows and arrows

The world ends
Nothing's new
Same old shit
Again and again

Unexplainable actions of mindless politicians
Non-conformital factions of angry revolutions
Unpolitical warfare tears a country to pieces
In the end of it they dare to fold on new creases

A life begins
It's all the same
Beginning to end
Again and again

Cross-examining lawyers always ask the wrong questions
Canyon-wide spanning foyers full of existential Christians
Unbelievable putrid is the stench of a dead man
Inconceivably stupid is the purposely inept man

Death comes
For us again
It's his routine
Again and again

Anti-religious freedoms spread a spark like a wildfire
Nazi-Communist kingdoms sinking into the quagmire
Out of the ashes a new bird, a phoenix is rising
Knowing that history repeats it's not at all surprising

Life reborn
Phoenix down
Health returns
Again and again

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