Agasa (Tiberti)

Security Breach 87-Rocha-1, pending evaluation

In date ##/01/2011, 06:37 AM a security protocol breach was discovered at underground Site 87, location ████████, Brazil. The responsibility of the breach is attributed entirely to Dr. Rocha, that failed to thoroughly check the integrity of his personal vehicle prior to entry.
In violation of the assigned cover that constituted in work at the construction site of a nearby roadbridge, in accordance with security protocol C-12, Dr. Rocha revealed to his familiar group, in particular to his daughter and wife, important details about his work at the Foundation many years ago. The Foundation projects in which Dr. Rocha was involved were frequently used as a "bedtime story" for his daughter, and dismissed as fantasy by the rest of the family. The daughter in question, now aged fourteen, having overheard a phone discussion that again was held in violation to protocol between Dr. Rocha and one of the site technicians, decided to investigate and surreptitiously entered Dr. Rocha's vehicle around 5:10 AM, and arrived at Site 87, to be discovered via infrared sensors at entrance tunnel B-2.
The lack of proper control by the security guards has been explained with supposed "familiarity" with Dr. Rocha.

The guard shift involved has been assigned to SCP-173 duty for one (1) month.
Dr. Rocha's daughter has been put into custody and is waiting corrective measures along with Dr. Rocha himself. She's been substituted by a clone for her daily activities in accordance to Dr. M██████'s current study about clone behavior for extended periods of time. The clone has been not informed about the situation and is expected to continue the impersonation of Dr. Rocha's daughter until further notice.

SCP-XXX (Number Station)

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Item#: SCP-XXX

It's the olde year 19xx, first half of the century, probably before the first world war. The Foundation finds this weird radio signal (broadcasting numbers in a pre-recorded voice) using the newly acquired radio technology (or possibly, future technology). Using the DES (or other crypt algo) they acquired from the future (this one, definitely from the future) the Foundation decrypt the signal that ultimately reveals to broadcast [SOMETHING O_O HERE, either the signal content, the signal origin or both. if not the signal origin, the origin should remain inconclusive]. Cover-up began in 1917 by pushing governments to create "regular" number stations "to help the war effort". Security through obscurity: no one's gonna find the needle in the haystack (and furthermore, no one will ever think about trying to decrypt an old decrepit Number Station with DES).

SCP-XXX (Endless Class (room))

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Item#: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP is to be contained on-site. Proper warnings are to be kept in place, and it must be kept locked at all times with a double grade 43 (high test) stainless steel chain and accompanying padlocks, the keys of which are to be kept in Site 19 Item Repository. No entry is allowed except during testing.

Discovery: Investigation and subsequent discovery by the Foundation has began when three novice students were reported missing over a period of one month. The Foundation became involved when a deep-cover operative followed the rumors about suspicious noises coming from the now-unused top floor of the oldest building on site. The cover-up operation appointed the disappearance to a drug-smuggling incident, matching bodies were prepared and all the suspecting parties involved were administered class-A amnesiacs. The students appear to have reached the SCP due to a typo in the timetables, that misdirected them to it.

Description: The SCP appears to be a classroom in the older building of college ██████, Wisconsin, affected by a peculiar "subjective/objective" time dilation field. The structure itself presents no abnormalities, as confirmed by X-ray inspection. The nature of the object manifests itself once a person enters it. The room will present itself full of students and a professor, usually in the middle of a lecture. No way to open the doors from the inside has been found.
This additional behavior has been observed while a lecture is running:
Every time measurement device will appear to work normally while observed. Repeated testing has determined that the measured time is reset to at least half an hour before the expected end of the lecture each time that the observers are distracted enough from the task to lose track of the current time (alternative phrasing: are distracted from the task for any length of time). This event seems unavoidable, and testing is ongoing to determine the possible memetic nature of the event.
If an observer becomes aware of the effect on a conscious level, or is aware of the nature of the SCP beforehand, the behavior of the SCP changes radically. The other subjects in the room appear to become oblivious of the existance of the observer, even if they entered the room together alongside him/her, and the observer stops to be affected by the subjective time dilation effects. As such, the effects of prolonged inability to drink or eat (brought by the "objective" effect) are not compensated anymore, occasionally resulting in death by starvation. The time dilation seems highly variable, as human remains fragments have been found in the room that date back to at least five centuries ago.

SCP-612 (Aggressive Cable)

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SCP-XXX prior to attack in a controlled environment

Item#: SCP-612

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-612 are to be kept in Containment Cell █ in Site ██, attached to sockets appropriate to their form. The walls, floor and ceiling of the chamber will be checked for physical breach every fifteen (15) minutes. An electric meter, installed outside the cell, will remain connected to a remote monitor. Any significant power flux is to be logged and reported immediately to Dr. █████, as well as on-site maintenance personnel. Testing indicates that a 1M solution of aqueous sodium chloride stuns SCP-612, rendering it temporarily inert; therefore, a delivery system is to remain charged and ready for immediate use. Weekly testing is mandatory. The walls of the containment cell are to be lined with conductive metallic mesh, permanently connected to ground, and the cell's exit is to be charged with a potential exceeding 1kV. All power to the cell is to be generated locally to prevent SCP-612 from accessing the primary grid. As SCP-612's containment is not yet complete, all personnel are advised to keep alert for any cable whih exhibits unusual activity, including but not limited to: unexplained power flux, unstimulated movement, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

07/09/██: All personnel assigned to SCP-612 must wear a Faraday suit capable of discharging an electric potential in excess of 2kV.

Description: Instances of SCP-612 present as electrical cables of various types. Any variety of cable can potentially play host to SCP-612, but its preferred method of attack leads it to favor power and network cables.

SCP-612 is, in its dormant state, simply piled on the ground. It prefers to hide in dark, warm places, or to be attached to appropriate sockets. Apart from its sentience and capability for movement, it displays a slightly higher specific electrical resistance than ordinary cables of its type; current measurements indicate a █% higher ohm reading. Analysis of a neutralized instance of SCP-612 reveals another difference; trace amounts of gold are spread throughout the cable, along with shape-memory alloy and further traces of unknown materials, theorized to be [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-612 will not attack unless it is provoked; however, SCP-612 interprets any attempt to move it harshly to be provocation, regardless of intent. If such a movement detaches SCP-612 from its socket, should it be attached to one, SCP-612 becomes rigid, swaying in the air before lunging at its attacker, suffocating it in the manner of a constrictor. After its attack, SCP-612 will return to its socket. Should SCP-612 remain connected, even partially, to a power source, its tactic will change, using electricity as a means of warding off or stunning the attacker. Network cables hosting SCP-612 have a much different result – see Incident Report 612-01. Testing shows that, even when connected to a standard US power socket, SCP-612 is capable of unleashing a charge in excess of ███ kV. It is currently unknown how SCP-612 accomplishes this, but preliminary research suggests it is related to its unusual internal structure, specifically [DATA EXPUNGED], thus storing charge.

Analysis of the materials have found them virtually identical in composition to regular cables of that type save for small amounts of gold, other shape memory alloy constituents and traces of yet-unidentified elements. This impurities are arranged regularly, in a micro-crystalline structure.

Current models predict that SCP-612 is directly responsible for roughly ██% of domestic incidents involving electricity.

Addendum-612-1: Three (3) specimens of SCP-612 have been found attached to the same peripheral in the server room of Site ██. It has since been verified that SCP-612 multiplies by gradually affecting regular cables connected in any way to it. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly.


During domestication testing as outlined in [DATA EXPUNGED], the assigned D-class personnel tripped and fell, partly pulling out a specimen attached to an industrial high-voltage socket. The specimen broke containment and attacked the D-class with a brief, high-voltage arc, inducing immediate cardiac arrest. Exhibiting behavior atypical of specimens collected thus far, SCP-612 shed its plastic plug and lunged at D-43174, embedding the bare copper in his throat. The electrical current caused the corpse to seize 23 distinct times, starting at the point of impact and spreading towards the extremeties in a fashion distinct from regular electrocution. The spasms continued for three minutes, after which time the victim remained motionless for a further ten minutes. Agents █████ and █████ were ordered to recover the body and prepare it for autopsy.
During preparations for autopsy, the coroner noted that the victim's heart was still beating. Upon remandment to the ICU, it was discovered that the heartbeat was erratic, not indicative of life. Additionally, brain function had ceased, replaced with electrical discharges currently theorized to be [DATA EXPUNGED] Recommend continuing observation.
Sometime over the previous night, the body of D-43174 (henceforth reclassified as SCP-612-01) began extruding fibrous, ropy tissue from its extremities, most notably from its nailbeds. Visual analysis of this tissue suggests it is primarily [DATA EXPUNGED]. These tissues piled around 01's feet until the pile reached [DATA EXPUNGED], suggesting that all tissue had been expelled from the body. SCP-612-01 began to shudder violently, then collapsed as its spinal cord pulled itself out of its body. Shortly thereafter, 01 began to [DATA EXPUNGED], whereupon the test chamber was remotely incinerated. Recommend all personnel wear conductive mesh suits to be designated "Faraday Suits" when interacting with SCP-612.

Addendum-612-2: A favorable reaction from the SCP has been obtained by stimulating it with physical contact coupled with electrical signals at a frequency of 1 to 4 Hz, akin to delta waves of deep sleep; the SCP appears to move in a vaguely swaying, calm manner, responding with brushing the contacting subject. Furthermore, signals peaking at 200mV and resembling the pattern of muscle signals in a nervous system have been registered at the ends of the cable. Analysis of additional underlying signals is under study. It might be useful to investigate the possibility of [DATA EXPUNGED] for exploitation. In this regard, please read Interview SCP-612.

Thanks to Aelanna for general help (it sucked before. Big time.), Schubert for permission to use his name (he now knows french!), ToxicClay for such a massive edithing that without him, this article could already be in the wastebin, Voct and Projekt for the actual french, and some other people for proofreading. will quote when i remember the names, sorry :P

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Note: SCP-612 has shown the preference for vividly colored, readily apparent cables. This is probably a parallel to the color preference of many animals, that use this method to signal danger. The behavior is not fully understood, as SCP-612 apparently had no way to obtain such information. (personally don't find this interesting, would ask others' opinion)
Note: A possible relation to SCP-229 is to be investigated; SCP-612 appears adverse to the diffusion of SCP-229, causing large parts of it to fall off inert if given enough time to attach to it. (connecting to another SCP is usually a bad idea, in case SCP-229 is deleted in the future or some similar thing)


SCP-XXX (The book of Truth)

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Item#: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to remain at Site ██, held in Secure Containment Locker ██. All research proposals must have the authorization of at least two Level 3 or higher personnel. Under no circumstances test subjects with strong religious backgrounds or history of violent mental illness are to be exposed to SCP-XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX is a hand-bound book with a dark brown leather cover, measuring 17.8cm x 25.4cm x 3cm. The book is unadorned save for the single word, "Truth" written in silver leaf on the cover. Attempts to carbon-date the constituent materials have all proven inconclusive, with results ranging from the present to ██,███ years ago depending on the sample.

The pages inside SCP-XXX appear to be handwritten on crafted papyrus. The text of the book differs from reader to reader, and contains a detailed, logical refutation to the current reader's beliefs, from least-deeply to most-deeply held. The level of argumentative detail can fluctuate, becoming deeper for beliefs which the reader doubts heavily. It appears that the text can match its language to the comprehension level of its reader. Its written style is clinical, but not unfriendly.

Addendum XXX-01: While SCP-XXX has no inherent memetic properties, the contents are written in such a way to purposefully elicit the subject's curiosity. Subjects reading from SCP-XXX express a longing to return to their study if interrupted, despite the reactions it provokes. Multiple exposures in subjects with very deeply-held beliefs can result in depression, suicidal tendencies and, in one extreme case, the intentional breach of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Similar results may occur with any subject that undergoes a sufficient number of exposures, the stronger the beliefs attacked, the less exposures necessary.

Addendum XXX-02: SCP-XXX seems to record who has previously read it; repeat subjects are often greeted by name, albeit perfunctorily. Contents of SCP-XXX display progression consistent with subject's thought processes on the matters within SCP-XXX.

Experiment Log XXX/E1:
Subject: Dr. ████████, Class 1 Researcher, unintentional
Relevant Subject Profile: Atheist
Results: SCP-XXX seems to match a non-specific theistic viewpoint, arguing for the existence of a god, but not specifying one. SCP-XXX forced its subject to reconsider his belief that all things may be explained through science, basing its arguments on the nature of several SCPs he encountered on a regular basis, making repeated and specific reference to SCPs ███ and ███.

Experiment Log XXX/C1:
Subject: D-class, institutionalized for fraud.
Relevant Subject Profile: Conditioned for seven (7) months in affiliation to a cult fabricated for the experiment.
Contents of the SCP point out the internal fallacies of the core beliefs of the cult, then proceed on an attack based on (nonexistent) money making scheme of said cult on his affiliates (of which D-class is actually the sole member). Repeated exposure first makes the subject uneasy, then results in attempted destruction of SCP-XXX. Subject terminated.

Experiment Log XXX/C2:
Subject: D-class, middle school professor institutionalized for child abuse.
Relevant Subject Profile: Upper education level and christian ubringing.
The subject reports of commented english transcriptions and historical documents showing evidence that christian catechism is a form of syncretism between various older beliefs.

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