Agent Angus Smith

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1XXX is contained in a walled compound on a small island with a large enclosed lagoon. An observation tower placed 8 km away at the furthest point on the island from the compound is used for temporary housing. Only vehicles equipped with Stirling Cycle engines are to be used on the island within 5 km of the enclosure. Sailboats with diesel engines are used to transfer personnel and supplies.

Description: SCP-1XXX is a flock of 167 creatures resembling Emperor Penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri). They have adapted to a broader range of temperatures than normal members of their species, capable of tolerating temperatures of up to 35 C. SCP-XXXX exhibits a hive mentality, when 10 or more gather the hive intellect emerges. The hivemind exists as long as they are within a 5 km range of each other. They could be in a line with no more than 5 km in between each one, but they usually cluster together in a flock and all stay in the same 5 km radius. Normally the individuals of a flock act like normal penguins, the hivemind is 'asleep'. [Note] when in the water, SCP-XXXX exhibits a more aggressive behavior.

The hive is not concerned about survival of individual penguins. In fact, the death of one or two stirs it from it’s mental sluggishness. When humans sleep within it’s 5 km range, they dream of penguins. After a few days of exposure humans and other mammals are imprinted with the personality of a penguin. The victims soon go swimming to catch fish to eat. The few who don't drown immediately are usually eaten by sea creatures as their only defense is to try to peck at their attackers.
The hive intellect of 10 penguins is equivalent to an average human. Additional penguins raise the collective intellect of the hivemind with 150 penguins exhibiting the apparent maximum intellectual boost.
SCP-XXX projects a negation field that temporarily disables electrical devices in a 500 m. radius around each penguin.
Penguins are great swimmers and divers, able to go deeper than 500 meters with ease. They are familiar with the dangers of the sea, but act fearless and clueless on land. It is possible for a person to walk among them and club one while the rest just watch. If more than 25% of the flock is killed the hivemind retaliates and immediately mentally imprints the attacker(s). In the water, SCP-XXXX actively seeks out ships in the vicinity and causes electrical shut downs by their proximity, low-flying planes are also at risk.

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