An amalgamation of garbage, crap, piss and vomit is what he called her. He turned away and did not see fallacy in what he did. He did not think of what repercussions his actions would have. He did not believe.

Goddess Rights looked down upon he who did dare turn away from her. She was a benevolent god, a forgiving god, a kind god. She was not fazed by this antipathy. She pitied him, what he would amount to without her blessing was nothing in her divine eyes.

But, he did find a silver lining to the plight many thought of infertility, one that the Goddess Rights had not considered. Those women that he had, despite a lack of beauty, did not bear child. Unlike all men besides he, who were sure to succeed in the act of procreation on the first try, he did not.

Pleasure was suppose to be a reward to child, not a reward for lust, the Goddess did thought. She frowned upon his acts, How pretentious, she did think. 'How can thee mortal be so defiant to the wills of a God' she thus spake.

And unto the defiant mortal she thus retracted the extent of all her gifts, that of beauty, dance, the hunt. But as his fame grew, so did her grip on this mortal thus weaken. The beautiful ones subjugated themselves unto he, he received the meat of the hunt from men who envied him, and who needs to dance anyway?

Her frustration did then grow, perhaps he was being backed by one of her competitor Gods or Goddesses the Goddess known widely as Rights conceived. Her thoughts shifted like sands of great deserts.

He who had rejected the Goddess did now have a following, known by those who respected he as the childless one, he who could not bear, and by many other bastard names. He was false, in the Goddess Rights eyes. An abomination, she did thus thought he was.

But alas, her system was much too tight for herself. She could not intervene and stop such a heinous being from forming a following. But then, she conceived, 'What if I gave it back to he?' If the he who was childless was granted fertility once more, so that the he would be strucken from that which was unique, he would fall.
The Goddess soon realized the flaw of her plot, for due to her striking of his fertility did she only permit he to cause the divine womb of her sister gods and, to her abhorrence, herself to bear child. She thus decided that she must do a task, for it was the only way to cure the mortals of such a following.

He who was defiant did then see the Goddess, in all her vestigial beauty of her avatar into mortal realms whilst he was laying in his chambers. He was thus was smitten with her, and she descended unto he for him to have her. And whilst in his passion he did kiss her chest, and he soon felt ill, and the goddess laughed, for her plans worked. And he then knew of what she was and that she would not bear child, and he knew that he was now to die. And that is when he asked to the Goddess,

'What did you do, to stop I from bearing child into you?'

And the Goddess thus spake, 'I covered my boobs in arsenic.'

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