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Page of the writing of preliminary drafts of SCPs/creepy-pasta/whatnots

Current Idea's worthy of continuation

  • Twin scrolls created by ancient philosopher recently discovered after references to his exile are made. Scrolls are respectively about what Evil is in the true objective sense of the meaning and why such a moral standpoint is perfectly and utterly justifiable, if not the only one a person can take, whereas the latter is a rebuttal to this line of argumentation that will show what Good is and why the Evil arguments are all faulty. Both scrolls are badly damaged from submersion in water and fire, but the Evil one is still legible, whereas the Good one is completely destroyed. There is no supernatural influence on the scrolls whatsoever, only an almost supernatural level of eloquence and persuasive ability which is so cogent, properly stated, and actually TRUE that one is struck by how ones earlier assumptions are so faulty. Administration of amnesiacs will remove the influence of the thesis if given early, but gets progressively difficult as settles itself throughout the individuals consciousness, requiring B-class Amnesiacs or greater measure to utterly remove the risk of the worldview blossoming up again.
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