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Item #: SCP-1346

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1346 and its viccinity is to be guarded and denied from unauthorized personnel. Levels of authorization are as follows:

LC-3S grants access to all areas at any time, subject can use or work with personnel listed as TS-xS and TS-xJ.

LC-3J grants access to all areas at any time, user can work with TS-xS and TS-xJ outside the actual SCP-1346.

SG-IP grants acces to all areas except the SCP-1346 itself.

SG-OP grants access olny to the ground floor and secured area.

All subjects who dont meet the criteria for a certain area must be reminded and turned away. If they fail to comply and continue their actions, non-lethal force is allowed. In case of the insubordinate subject wielding any projectile-based weapon, use of lethal force is authorised.

Description: SCP-1346 is an empty white room, 5mx5mx2.30m (five by five by two point thirty) in size. There are 4 (four) lightsources on the ceiling and one door that can only be opened from the outside.

For further information and description of the SCP-1346, refer to the notes provided.

Notes: This section includes various tests and observations done over the years, from the initial securing of SCP-1346.

(Finding SCP-1346) AAR [OP-000274.1] - Sgt. Marc J. Ferry
Date: 24/8/1989, 1620

We were deployed to the immediate viccinty of the location with orders to set up a perimeter and preform a sweep procedure of the designated building. I ordered FT Bravo to stay on the surface and search the area for any possible threats, while i took FT Alpha down in to the basement. No resistance was met whatsoever. As ordered, I got Cpl. Jeremy Bell to radio HQ with a SITREP at around 1700. After approximately 3 (three) hours, rest of the team arrived. An authorization pass check was performed by us aswell and everything was in order.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evenig helping set up all necesarry equipment and shipped out next morning at 0600, leaving Team2 on site and starting 48 hour shifts as ordered.

Team1 sustained no casualties during the OP.

Sgt. Marc J. Ferry, 25/8/1989

(Test1 SCP-1346) Registering SCP-1346 (TL-SCP-1346-00) - Dr. Franz Hoffman

Date: 25/8/1989, 2030

Object No.: 1346
Description: White colored room, unknown light sources on the ceiling. No animate or inanimate objects/subjects inside. Object is undamaged, on a visual level. Function unknown. Object pending further examination/testing.

Registered by: Dr. Franz Hoffman

(Test2 SCP-1346) Test1 - Inanimate object, Inanimate subject (TL-SCP-1346-01) - Dr. Franz Hoffman

Date: 26/8/1989, 0900

Goal: Determine the purpose of SCP-1346.

Testing procedure: Place an inanimate object on the floor in the centre of the room. Close doors for predetermined periods of time; 1 (one) second, 1 (one) minute, 5 (five) minutes, 30 (thirty) minutes, 1 (one) hour. If no changes are visible or recorded, proceed to repeat the test with an inanimate subject.
Doors must be open until all animate subjects leave.

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