Attic Exploration 1

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Exploration Log XXX-A

Subject: D-5582. Healthy caucasian male, 34 yrs. old.

Researcher: Dr. ████ Williams

Subject is equipped with standard audio and video recording devices as well as one (1) industrial-strength flashlight and one (1) 20 oz bottle of spring water.

Subject is instructed to climb SCP-XXX and explore the attic area above.
Transcript follows.

Dr. Williams: Good morning, D-5582. How are you feeling?

D-5582: Just fine. Eager to get this over with.

Dr. Williams: Good, good. You understand your instructions?

D-5582: Yeah. Pretty self explanatory.

Dr. Williams: Good. Please proceed.

(Subject begins climbing SCP-XXX. Subject pauses halfway up.)

Dr. Williams: Is something wrong?

D-5582: Not… really… I just don't like the look of that attic.

Dr. Williams: Noted. Please proceed.

D-5582: Can't we do this another day? Or gimme a weapon or something?

Dr. Williams: You know the rules. Please proceed.

(Subject swears under his breath and continues up SCP-XXX and into the attic.)

Dr. Williams: Please state what you see.

D-5582: Nothing, nothing, it's just-just dark. Pitch black. You're gonna think this is stupid, Doctor, but I swear I feel like someone's watching me.

Dr. Williams: Noted. Is there anything else?

D-5582: No, no—wait. You hear that? Man, this is getting weird. I don't like this.

Dr. Williams: Please state exactly what you hear.

D-5582: Like someone's whispering. But it's everywhere.

(Microphones are able to confirm this phenomenon.)

Dr. Williams: Please use your flashlight to locate the sound's origin.

(There is a click as D-5582 activates his flashlight. Camera still records only darkness.)

D-5582: This is weird. This is really weird. The darkness is just sort of eating the flashlight beam. No matter where I shine it, I—Hang on. If I shine it right there, I can see something. It's… It's a box. Like a chest. Should I open it?

Dr. Williams: Should he ope—yes? Uh, yes, go ahead and open it, D-5582.

(Sound of a latch being undone and a lid opening. Cameras still record nothing.)

D-5582: The fuck is this supposed to be Doctor? Is this a joke?

Dr. Williams: What do you see?

D-5582: It's… It's a skeleton. Still a bit of hair… Looks like it's wearing a wedding dress.

Dr. Williams: Interesting. Can you see any papers, inscriptions, anything we can identify her with?

D-5582: Nothing. God, this is a damn mess in here.. I seen a lot of shit, but this is a mess..

Dr. Williams: Thank you. Please await arrival of forensic team.

D-5582: Hey Doctor? Um.. Where did I park?

Dr. Williams: Come again?

D-5582: The entrance. The hole I came up through. I don't see it. At all.

Dr. Williams: Please turn around and attempt to locate the entrance.

D-5582: I don't see it.. Is this a prank? Did you send someone else up here? Try to scare the convict?

Dr. Williams: Why do you say that?

D-5582: Oh come on, I can hear him moving around. The asshole's practically breathing down my neck.

Dr. Williams:….We didn't send anyone else up.


(Camera records a flash of white, then breaks into static. Subject shouts something.)


Dr. Williams: What is it? What's going on?

D-5582: (Unintelligible screaming.)

(Radio contact is lost. Observers report subject's screaming seems to fade into the distance.)

Dr. Williams: D-5582? D-5582?

Dr. Williams: …

Dr. Williams: Well, shit.

Addendum XXX-1-1 D-5582 was recovered exactly ██ hours later, curled into a fetal position in a nearby closet. Subject was unresponsive to all forms of stimulus and stared blankly forward. Subject showed signs of great physical strain and [DATA REDACTED]. Subject is scheduled for euthanasia later this month.

Addendum XXX-1-2: Frame by frame review of video records have confirmed that the "flash of white" seen by observers was, in fact, a thin, pale female, face blurred, wearing a long white dress of undetermined origin. Phenomenon has been dubbed SCP-XXX-3. Further exploration is recommended, with the objective of gathering data on SCP-XXX-3.

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