Exploration 2

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Exploration Log XXX-B

Subject: D-4825. Caucasian female, 29 yrs. old. Mild case of asthma. Subject was selected for high tolerance to physical pain, which seemed to have contributed to previous subject's catatonic state.

Researcher: Dr. ████ Williams

Subject is equipped with standard audio and video recording devices as well as one (1) industrial strength flashlight, four (4) military-issue glowsticks, one (1) 20 oz. bottle of spring water, and one (1) standard crucifix (upon request by subject).

Subject is instructed to climb SCP-XXX and explore the attic area above.
Transcript follows.

Dr. Williams: Good afternoon, D-4825.

D-4825: Hiya doc.

Dr. Williams: I assume you've heard about D-5582?

D-4825: Yeah. Not too crazy about goin' up to the spooky attic either.

Dr. Williams: Noted. However, I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Please proceed.

D-4825: Yeah, yeah like hell I don't… Not as if I have a choice.

(Subject ascends to SCP-XXX's summit and is lost from sight.)

Dr. Williams: Please distribute your glowsticks around the room and state what you see.

(Sound of cracking as glowsticks are activated.)

D-4825: Ain't these things supposed to be brighter?

Dr. Williams: Please state exactly what you see.

D-4825: Nothin'. The flashlight ain't doin' anything, and the sticks don't really do much either, just kinda… dim. They look like eyes. Kinda freakin' me out, Doc.

Dr. Williams: Thank you. Please shine your flashlight around until its beam becomes visible.

D-4825: Christ that's wierd… doesn't show up at all until I point it over here… There's this box thing in the corner..

(Microphones record a low whispering in the background, consistent with the audio phenomena from exploration 1.)

Dr. Williams: D-4825, do you hear anything?

D-4825: Wha? No, why, should I?

Dr. Williams: Nothing? Er… How do you feel?

D-4825: Um, fine I guess. This place kinda gives me the creeps, but I feel fine.

Dr. Williams: Shouldn't she hear it by now? Wha? How should I know?

D-4825: Doc? I'm still here ya know.

Dr. Williams: Uh, yes, thank you D-4825. Please walk over to the box and open it.

D-4825: Sure.

(Sound of footsteps followed by a creaking noise as the chest is opened. Sharp intake of breath.)

Dr. Williams: What do you see?

D-4825: Th-this is-no, this can't… Jesus Christ, this is sick. It wasn't my fault.. God…

Dr. Williams: What do you see?!

D-4825: It's a kid, Doc. It's a baby. My… Do you hear that?

(Cameras are able to record the inside of the chest. It appears to be coated with a thick brownish-red fluid, possibly blood, but otherwise empty.)

Dr. Williams: Hear what?

D-4825: Like… Like whispers… They know. They know what I did, don't they Doc? Oh God they know…

Dr. Williams: Know what? D-4825? What do they know?

D-4825: They know what I did. They know everything. I can feel them. All around me. Behind me…


Dr. Williams: Do not turn around! I repeat, do not turn around! D-4825? D-4825!

(Audio and Video recordings simultaneously cease. D-4825 does not return from attic area.)

Dr. Williams: (Swears under breath.) All right. Let's get a recovery team in here. We need to find out what the hell is going on up there.

Addendum XXX-2-1: Research into Subject D-4825's past revealed that subject underwent a third-trimester abortion █ years before her designation as D-class. The procedure was medically necessary, but medical records from the time show that the subject was taking high doses of the antidepressant █████████ and the anti-anxiety drug █████, indicating that she may have been suffering from symptoms of both guilt and post-partum depression. This may explain the motivation behind her later attack on ██████ █████ and her unborn child, which resulted in subject's incarceration as D-Class Personnel.

Addendum XXX-2-2: Agent ███████ has volunteered to enter SCP-XXX in an attempt to recover D-4825, and is scheduled to do so at the beginning of next week.

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