SCP Ideas

-Blue rubber ball with golden "cherub" wings - can only be referred to with insults
-Wet Floor Sign that messes with your inner ear by seeing it, causing loss of balance
-saltshaker that removes sodium from body?
-sheaves of paper that cause disastrous papercuts which are brushed off lightly
-puns as a -J?
-"magical" d20
-biological virus, causes mutations where cells can interact with circuits (goo and tendrils flying a plane, giant eyeball on the nosecone)
-Tale: 1230 in 826
-humanoid that can ingest organic materials and crystalize carbon into spines as a defense/weapon
-anomalous ball pit
-anomalous infection that spawns medical waste in ball pits
-atomic scissors / atom smashing hammer
-tale: recontain 682 with 420-J and the Pasta Pot
-infinite friction glove (knows when being used)
-full spectrum flashlight
-An "ordinary" pocketwatch
- Radar anomaly, shows up as Cessna 172 causing collision avoidance instructions via ATC SCP-1766
- F-15/SW outfitted with exo-atmospheric technology and pinpoint wormhole generator, delivered to AFB on never written orders
-lycanthropy virus with a twist

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