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The Intro

hank you for your rapt attention and devotion to the lecture. Now that the session is over, please enter the next room for your initiation. That's right, right this way…Er, excuse me young man, Riley, is it? Can you come into my office for a moment? Thank you."

couldn't help but notice you're planning a trip….How do I know? As we were going over your paperwork, we-what's that? Oh yes we had to search your bags. Security protocol, you see. As I was saying, we came across a plane ticket to Australia. Lovely country, I have some friends there as we speak. Are you going for pleasure or family?"

Well of course you're going, you have a ticket. It has your fingerprints on it, and we checked the credit trail. It led to you."

o you still insist you're not going? Ok then, ah here we are, shall we step inside my office?"

"Hensen, close the door….and lock it" ~click~ ~Slam~ "Alright you sonofabitch, who are you?!? You want to be let off this wall, you tell me WHO YOU ARE! We found that ticket alright, and a sheet of paper with access codes. Our Australian moles couldn't connect the codes to any systems down there, but our plants at your precious little site-19 DID. That's right, we have agents inside both of your big sites, you and the rest of those fools at SCP….bah! the name makes me spit… You imbeciles will pay for your meddling!"

"For years, we at the Coalition have strove to rid the world of these demons, these pests, these damned wretched creatures, but you have stopped us! NO MORE! We will kill each and everyone of the SCP's members, starting with you…..Unless, of course, it is your wish to defect. Tells us what we want to know and-ARGH!"

".FUCK YOU! No Hensen, put your gun down, this fool thinks he can spit in my eye, I will teach him MYSELF!" ~a drawer is opened and rifled through~ "Do you see this vial? This vial contains a neurotoxin, it will cause you to be in excrutiating pain, unbearable spasms, but it will not kill you, no. I will make you suffer and then cut your heart out while you live, watch as you bleed, don't try to fight, I have the power, I-"

your eyes…the fuck is happening to your eyes? They're narrowing, like, like a-Augh!, how the hell did your nails grow so long? You, your shrinking! Quick! Shoot him! Shoot-wait, he's growing again. He's normal. Hehehe……well played, agent. Seems the SCP members aren't all fools….it'll be a shame to kill an illusionist. Now, you have one last-UNGH!"

unds of a scuffle eminate, crashing sound possibly the recording device falling on floor~

"Damn you, I'll kill-AUGH! Where did that knife come from? Henson you ass, duck-" ~a third voice gasps in pain, sound of a body hitting the floor~ "Curses, that was my best guard! I'll slit your shroa-haag! Shlura…shlura..shouand…alarHARm!" ~labored breathing followed by a crash, items heard falling~ "huark…haa..hand trigger..must…sound…'larm……..yehck..You….YOU. Whawhat do you wha-want? Wha-what one last tha-thegh-thing?"—

"—AR! Ehurk!" ~coughing followed by splatterinng is heard~ "Of course you wa-work for them! You ha-ha….have ka, codes!" —

~gun fire is heard twice, followed by hurried footsteps. Alarm begins to ring~

rouge…agent….eff…ef be…mus-musn't…nooooh" ~a thump is heard. Footsteps enter room along with shouting and gunfire. Audio ends with crashing sound and static.~

The preceeding was recovered from an digital voice recorder at a GOC facility in [Expunged]. Sleeper Agent A██████ recovered device, smashed by guards responding to a silent alarm from a now ex-director's office. Agent A. reported the facility experianced a security breech which was rendered unsolved, resulting in the slayings of the director and a body guard, the death of 8 personnel in ensuing response. Agent A. removed from field immediately to prevent discovery.


Jake exhaled, his breathe showing in th cold night air. His brother was out again and his parents were visiting relatives. And the Yeerks were planning…something, he didn't know what. "I hate aliens" he declared. The boy found himself walking near Cassie's house, the lights in the barn off. "Must be asleep" he figured. Then he saw it- a light.

"Remind again the hell we're here?" Agent Johnson whispered. He and Riley had been told a Euclid artfact was to be secured, along with a teenage girl last seen using it. Instead they were sneaking behind barn full of animals while an MTF waited in a van out front.

"Just shut up and grab the scip. I'll get the girl." Riley said, climbing the gutter.

Jake hid in the bushes, watching. He knew if he took them now he might blow his cover.

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