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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Knowledge of SCP-XXX's existence is requires Clearance Level 2. SCP-XXX is located in [REDACTED]. SCP-XXX is to be contained in a small underground room containing a CCTV security camera buried approximately 2 meters underground in a small plastic container, along with motion sensor and a 0.5 kg of iron dust so it can be detected by metal detector in case it's position shifts due to weather conditions. SCP-XXX is to be surrounded by a "buffer zone" of 120 meters. Under no circumstances is the buffer zone or the exact location to be marked in any way; personnel are encouraged to commit natural landmarks to memory. Because the exact location of SCP-XXX is unmarked, the GPS coordinates of SCP-XXX are to be stored on file. Clearance Level 3 is required to know the GPS coordinates and/or exact location of SCP-XXX.

Personnel may not enter the buffer zone on more than 2 separate instances within 7 days, and may not spend longer than 5 hours within the buffer zone in each instance. After 7 days have passed since the first instance, personnel are not allowed to enter the buffer zone for two weeks. Remote observation is not restricted. If any personnel begin displaying symptoms similar to those detailed in the description section , they are to be considered effected by SCP-XXX must meet weekly with Dr. [REDACTED] until they no longer show symptoms. Personnel affected by SCP-XXX are allowed to continue to work, but are forbidden contact with any human subjects or personnel affected by SCP-XXX, and are forbidden to enter the buffer zone until they have not shown symptoms for 2 months. Personnel whose symptoms persist for more than 1 year are to be taken off the project.

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