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Item #: SCP-242

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the effects and speed of the SCP, currently 242 is impossible to contain except in very small quantities. Any and all personnel that are in the vicinity whenever 242 is in the area are to evacuate said area immediately, following Code █████. Any personnel who are unable to escape 242's effective range should be left for dead, so as to prevent the spreading of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-242 is an odorless, slightly red-tinted gas. All samples of the gas reveal it to contain a combination of the elements ████, █████, and █████. When moving, it is seen to be able to move at least 500m/s. When any human, animal, or other lifeform comes into contact with any amount of SCP-242, their neurological functions decrease significantly. The subsequent corruption of exposed lifeforms are apparently set into 3 stages (which for simplicity's sake will only cover the effect on humans; all effects on other lifeforms should be listed in SCP-242 Testing Log):

  • Stage One: Exposed person will start to slowly become paranoid, having constant hallucinations (auditory and visual) and mood swings. This is arguably the safest of the stages, although the events of [DATA EXPUNGED] suggest otherwise.
  • Stage 2: Exposed person starts to lose motor skills and will babble incoherently. Person will start acting hostile to other people, regardless of previous relationships.
  • Stage 3: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Personnel are to shoot exposed person as soon as symptoms are evident. If not apprehended in time, exposed person will [DATA EXPUNGED] before focusing attention on [DATA EXPUNGED], after which exposed person will commit suicide by [REDACTED], causing the gas to spread.

Addendum: SCP-242 first came to the Foundation's attention in ██ ██, 19██, when members of the cult [DATA EXPUNGED] brutally massacred all citizens of the town of █████████, Michigan, before Agents arrived on the scene. All members of the cult except one then committed mass suicide, releasing the gas. Agents secured the surviving cult member before retreating from the scene, while the gas seemed to, in the words of Agent ███████, "follow us, seeming to toy with us; like it was playing a game." It should be noted that shortly afterward, Agent ██████ was killed by the surviving cult member, who screamed, "For the Supreme Goddess [DATA EXPUNGED]!" before committing suicide. More gas was released, and a temporary evacuation of Site [REDACTED] was issued, and Agents attempted to contain the gas, to no avail. However, since then the gas has never been seen in the vicinity of Site [REDACTED].

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