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Item #: SCP-1064

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: At no time should SCP-1064 be housed in any foundation facility. SCP-1064 is to be contained at all times in a dwelling suitable for the habitation of one person, of modest value. It is to be provided with 10 standard issue uniforms and provisions per nutritional guide 1064-Q. SCP-1064 should be submitted to ongoing weekly psychological examination and if it is found that SCP-1064 is forming any emotional attachment to its current dwelling it is to be relocated immediately. SCP-1064 should be supplied with entertainment items on a random basis that must be removed within a period of no less than 2 days. Except for the purposes of testing, any request from SCP-1064 for items of any kind is to be immediately rejected. Any personnel interacting with SCP-1064 must read, understand and sign document 1064-01 to further limit its effects. The orders in document 1064-01 may not be countermanded under any circumstance. Any other personnel wishing to sign document 1064-01 for their own protection may do so.

Description: SCP-1064 is a middle aged male of Asiatic descent, previously known as ██████ ███ until exposure to [DATA EXPUNGED] it held the position of [DATA EXPUNGED] with the Foundation. SCP-1064 is by all measures completely normal and with the exception of early indicators of heart disease is in reasonable health. The anomalous properties of SCP-1064 manifest under two seemingly unrelated triggers:

If SCP-1064 should ever take legal - See addendum - ownership of a tangible object including currency, property or goods, that item will immediately dematerialise. Any items that are not fixed structures simply vanish while any structures or fixtures are removed with sufficient replacement to not cause damage to items not considered to be owned by SCP-1064. All attempts to locate objects that are removed in this fashion have failed including the placement of GPS systems and the use of radio isotope tracking markers. After 03 approval, testing with [DATA EXPUNGED] proved inclusive, leading to the belief that some agency is serving to obscure the location of the missing items.

The second property of SCP-1064 poses a threat to any personnel with knowledge of it; any person intending to harm it will be met with physical violence from a seemingly accidental source that is both proportional to the harm intended to SCP-1064 and sufficient to prevent that harm. This effect does not appear to be limited by distance and appears to be influenced purely by intent. Any indirect attempts to harm SCP-1064 such as ordering another person to kill or Maim SCP-1064 will be met with a similar response and although no accidental harm has been shown to have been prevented by this effect it should be noted that as of the time of this report SCP-1064 has suffered no injuries other than those caused by his own actions.

Addendum: After approximately 3 months of the foundation containing SCP-1064 at ███ ███████ ███ ████████, ███ █████████ , wholly owned by the foundation, the entire dwelling and the majority of it's contents dematerialised, replaced by a vacant lot with recent signs of demolition and a neatly folded pile of SCP-1064's uniforms. After incident review concluded that SCP-1064 had developed an attachment to the dwelling and had formed an emotional attachment to it as his "home".

Document 1064-01

--Begin read only segment-

By order of 05 Command, collectively and singularly, all orders contained in the read only segment of this document my not be countermanded by any member of the SCP Foundation including but not limited to 05 Personnel.

The below listed personnel are ordered to never do harm to SCP-1064.

The below listed personnel acknowledge and declare that any request or order they make that may be interpretted as meaning harm to SCP-1064 is not to be obeyed under any circumstance. Any action taken to harm SCP-1064 is explicitly without the consent of the below listed personnel.

--End read only segment--

Signed -

Doctor Bane Tog

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