Biological Mimic
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Dr. █████ attempting to recapture SCP-1050 after a containment breach by offering it food. This technique, although effective, is not recommended for personnel without protective gear.

Item #: SCP-1050

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1050 is to be contained within a 10 m x 10 m room modeled after a forest and kept at a constant 21oC. No personnel are to be allowed into SCP-1050’s enclosure without supervision by Dr. █████. SCP-1050 is to be provided with half a kilogram of ground cornmeal a day to supply its nutritional needs. Under no circumstances is SCP-1050 to be exposed to dead animal tissue (see Addendum 1050-3).

Description: SCP-1050 is a mass of organic matter approximately four kilograms in weight (exact mass varies depending on time since last feeding). If it comes into contact with any any multicellular member of the kingdom Animalia, SCP-1050 will instantaneously transform into an individual of that organism’s species and gender. SCP-1050 also mimics the organism’s size and mass; where the extra mass comes from/goes to is unknown. If it touches a second organism, it will combine the features of the two, becoming a hybrid creature. This also applies to all subsequent contact; the amount of organisms that SCP-1050 can mimic at any given time is apparently infinite (see Experiment Log 1050). No matter what organism(s) SCP-1050 mimics, it retains its normal behavior and intelligence. It appears comparable to a great ape in intelligence, and has a fairly calm, even temperament for the most part. SCP-1050 does not appear to feel pain in the normal sense of the word; although it can detect damage, it seems quite willing to undergo procedures that would send normal animals into shock. However, it does not appear to be able to repair damage to its anatomy, and must revert to its "default" form in order to do so. SCP-1050 appears to be capable of mimicking humans; however, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Because of this, some researchers have recommended upgrading SCP-1050 to Euclid. These requests have been denied.

Addendum #1050-1: Tests performed by Dr. █████ have revealed that SCP-1050 can be distinguished from normal animals due to the fact that its DNA appears to be heavily degraded, following similar patterns to DNA that has been in dead cells for an extended period of time. On a related note, all matter removed from SCP-1050 dissolves into base organic compounds after a period of about ten seconds. This does not apply to previously dead components, such as hair.

Addendum #1050-2: SCP-1050 has demonstrated the ability to use American Sign Language when in an appropriate form. This suggests previous contact with humans. Further tests will be conducted to determine the extent of its fluency.

Addendum #1050-3: SCP-1050 is capable of reproducing by converting dead tissue from any animal into a copy of itself. This process requires at least two (2) kilograms of material to work with, and takes approximately █ hours. The "parent" is unable to move for this period. This reproductive capacity indicates a wild population; instances of SCP-1050 have been found across [DATA EXPUNGED]. Fortunately, SCP-1050 appears to be extremely rare; it has been theorized that there is a predator capable of hunting it that keeps the population in check. This predator, tentatively labeled as an SCP, is currently unknown.

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