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SCP-XXXX at the time of discovery

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, there are forty-five instances under the Foundation's custody. SCP-XXXX is currently contained on the avian wing at site-45. Fresh meat and water are to be delivered when required for feeding and experimental porpuses. Standard American-branded vehicles are to be provided once every month to study SCP-XXXX to allow and research its teaching process to younger specimens. Special comunication devices have been asigned to allow comunication and interviews.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a aerie of forty-five (45) avian entities that share similarities with Bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). SCP-XXXX instances have shown several discrepancies in both behavior and physiology from a regular Bald eagle. SCP-XXXX is highly social, and follow a hierarchy where an alpha leader dominates all the others. This hierarchy is established by each individual's skill and capability to perform its anomalous activities. At a physiological level, each instance has shown a series of adaptations asociated with its main behavior.

- Feet show multi-jointed articulations, with strenght "enough" [going to be replaced by real measures] to bend and handle cooper, high-durability steel, fiberrglass, etc. Instances have shown no instinctive skills and they develope their skills through learning from older instances of SCP-XXXX and experience.

- SCP-XXXX's beaks are made made of a material which has yet to be identified., capable of resist pressures over [insert measures here].

- The skin and feathers secrete a cleaning compound capable of remove any substance usually founded in internal combustion engines.

- On average, each instance is capable of individually lift 35Kg on the air (although it SCP-XXXX-29 has been recorded to lift over 57Kg).

- They possess specialized salivary glands. These glands produce a highly complex organic substance (hereby called SCP-XXXX-B), capable to replace lubricant, coolant and fuel in any vehicle with internal combustion engine. A well fed instance produces in average 1.5 liters of this SCP-XXXX-B. Research to replicate SCP-XXX-B is ongoing.

SCP-XXXX also present a high intelligence level, and several members have shown the ability to understand English, as well as rougly comunicate through written English if given the neccessary tools. Whenever SCP-XXXX enters in contact with any American-branded car, they will approach and inspect it in order to determine the car's state. Once SCP-XXXX finishes its diagnosis, They will reunite and comunicate the car's condition, and possibly the best course of action to repair it. Hereafter, They will start to repair it using its anomalous traits. Una vez concluido, el colectivo de SCP-XXXX procedera a reparar cualquier falla que presente el vehiculo a dar. Si es necesario reemplazar alguna parte, un grupo conformado por 3 o 4 ejemplares tomara la pieza arreglada, la llevaran a una locación separada, y tras un determinado tiempo regresaran con susodicha pieza aparentemente reparada y funcional. Dependiendo del tamaño de la pieza, se puede durar entre 15 minutos a 6 horas el repararlo. Cabe señalar que las piezas no se encuentran en perfectas condiciones, y siempee tendran marcas de abolladuras y rasguños consistentes con las garras de ejemplares de SCP-XXXX. Una vez que todas las piezas y fallas hayan sido exitosamente reparadas, el colectivo tomara el pescado a manera de pago y se retiraran del lugar.

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