So, if the designations were to change between Decommission and Arc, what should they become?

The current definitions are available elsewhere. After you read those, consider these as possible changes.

Articles that have lost flavor through age should have two endings.

  • ARC are things that have lost all interest. It's safe, and boring. They are the ARC of the Covenant. We have nothing to learn from it. We can put it in a box in a warehouse and forget about it. We keep them because they're history and because we shouldn't forget where we come from. The "Secure Contain Protect not Destroy Destroy Destroy" mantra isn't just for the characters, it's for the AUTHORS.
  • Decommissioning is, in fact, fun. It adds interest and value to an article that is dead - but it shouldn't be done to ALL of them, or it loses it's magic. Articles that have existed from more then two years must have SOMETHING we liked about it, so if it's time to leave the list, maybe there's some type of grand exit that can be written.

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