Bland Meta

Meta information - seeds on what can be used about the object:

  • Common object
  • Vintage object
  • historical object
  • animal/insect
  • person
  • location
  • indescribable
  • virus
  • benign
  • beneficial
  • parasitic
  • detrimental
  • destructive

These are personal rules, not for anyone else:

  • I have a new philosophy: If I downvote without saying why, I shouldn't bother to vote. No one is required to explain why they vote. But I choose to.
  • Don't just say "It sucks" say why. Then say what you'd do to fix it.
  • You don't get upvoted because I like you, nor downvoted because I dislike you. I might, however abstain from voting on you at all because I don't think I can be objective with you at all.
  • I will do my best to not post when drinking. Rum and a good working relationship don't mix.

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