Possible Organizational Breakdown - Foundation

  • Executive Director - Final Say, Runs organization, manages Board - Gears right now.
    • Director - Right arm, Manages Wiki/Forum crew - Bright right now.
      • Forum Admins - mostly what the Administrators do now, overseers of moderators, but it needs to stop being a rank we promote people to, and more "This is the job you do"
      • Forum Moderators - assigned more to sections of things and specific duties. Daily duties of the wiki, the forums, newbie wrangling, etc.
    • Chat Director - currently Waxx, does what he does already
      • Chat admins - exactly what they do now
    • Infrastructure SysAdmin - Currently Mac, responsible of building, maintaining, backing up the groundwork of everything
      • Sysops - Currently only Murphy, delegated tasks as needed. May be "on call" for infrastructure and emergent issues. Duties as needed.
    • Finanace -This one is new, but we're going to need it. Someone to manage the money we will need for servers and the registar, and (eventually) the incorporation. I nominate Mann, when he's back on Terra Americana.
    • Funding - where will our NEEDED money come from?
      • Store manager - because we'd have to be IDIOTS not to fund ourselves with that.
      • Fundraisers - because it might not be enough to have a store and rely on donations. I've NO idea what this would entail, but the idea needs to be thrown into the ring.
    • PR - Note this will include press questions (I'm surprised we haven't started to get any yet) and "Can I make a plushie out of SCP-913?"

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