"Brigs, what are you doing? You're supposed to be working on the proposal for the crosstest of SCP-087 and SCP-723."

^^ Current SCP site logo ^^

"I'm just taking a break. Besides, you know they'll never approve it. I swear some of these cross test are like they take two random numbers and say Hey, what would happen if we mixed these? Seriously, these things are both immobile! Anyway, I was just playing around with the Foundation's logo in Photosh- OW!"

The book hitting him in the back of the head was surprising but didn't actually hurt. Partially because he wasn't hit THAT hard, and partially because on the days it didn't happen, either Brigs or Land were never in the same room.

"Okay, I know they covered this in your initial recruitment four years ago, but let's go over it one more time; We are a SECRET Organization. We work FROM THE SHADOWS. We don't have a logo. That letterhead you see with that symbol on it? It's not a logo. It's a warning symbol. Like radiation, but more general. It's the designation for an object, item, person that is secured, has information that needs to be kept contained, a being, or whatever that needs to be protected - or the world needs protected from. Whatever. It means Don't give this out. That means NO ONE OUTSIDE THE FOUNDATION SHOULD SEE THIS. Secret. Classified. Get it?"

^^ Original SCP site logo ^^

"Wait, I've seen an old one with a cat on it. Or part of a cat."

"What are… Oh, that one. SCP-529. That's from not long after she was acquired. People like her so much they started to put that on things. It's no more official that the patches you see for MTF Lambda-2."

"So… I shouldn't have made it a bumper sticker?"

The stapler caught him just right to REALLY hurt, but it was his own fault. He should have ducked faster.

You want to know about 110? It's actually NOT about rape. It's a common misconception, though, because the people the Foundation has doing this are the worst we can find - those that would do ANYTHING, the more terrible the better. If it was 1947 we'd be using a list of Nazi war criminals from Chełmno. The only reason we don't use serial killers is because we don't want her dead - death would be a release!

If rape is the worst thing you can imagine being done to a person, then sure - it's rape. If the worst thing is to be skinned alive and rolled in salt, then there it is. If it's having to kill the innocent in order to live, there you go. If it's an amateur shadowcast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, then your name is Bright.

The definition of this is "The Worst Thing You Can Think Of To Do To A Person" - why do you assume that it's 230-7 whose suffering and not those that are performing 110? Or those that have to keep coming up with more and more awful things that they know will actually be performed? Something worse than Procedure 110-Montauk? If there were, we'd be doing that too.

The explicit references to sex in the newspaper are simply to provide cover. "Why would a cult be doing things to pregnant women? Must be a sex thing! Pass me the sports page…"

We're doing it to keep it happy where it is. We're doing the equivalent of feeding it and reading it a lullaby. By doing the unthinkable we're placating the unimaginable. And all it costs is one girl. And, of course, our very humanity.

With 110, we're doing things as absolutely as horrible as possible. We're doing them repeatedly. We're doing them without pity. Because the alternative is so much worse that we cannot imagine them.

And that's on Monday.

The rest of the week, we've got to get our game face on and deal with a thousand other things that can be just as bad (or worse). Until next week when we have to do this again. Except the procedure has been tweaked to make it just the TINIEST bit worse.

Things like this are why everyone is more than a little off their rocker. Do this once, get PTSD, get treated, go on with your life. But not at the Foundation! We get the sheer and utter joy of having to do the worst thing someone… no, the worst thing EVERYONE can come up with OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again.

We are the Foundation. We're not called that because we're an institute, we're called that because we're the bedrock that everything stands on. If we crumble, if we crack, if we break in anyway everything will collapse. Welcome aboard! Try not to slit your own throat after a week, and please; try to not start enjoying it.

So, no - there's no rape in 110.

And people think their jobs suck?

Nobody is watching you.

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