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Item #: SCP-215

Object Class: Euclid (pending further investigation and possible re-classification)

Special Containment Procedures: No special containment procedures have been developed for this SCP. Currently our only contact with this SCP has been in the form of combat actions, and observations are limited. We have no capability to possess, nor do we wish to possess, SCP-215. However, its persistent involvement in our operations has warranted research at a distance.

Description: SCP-215 appears to be a mummified human corpse. The preparation of this mummification does not adhere to modern preservation standards, nor traditional pre-Islamic Egyptian standards. Instead, research documents surrounding the artifact indicate a primitive method originating from the Iranian plateau circa 650 BCE.

Rogue agent Bijhan has indicated that the human remains incorporated and/or composing this artifact may belong to the former Persian emperor Xerxes I (Khasyarsha in Farsi) or possibly even his father Darius (Daryoosh in Farsi).

The exact Euclidian nature of this artifact is unknown. Although it does not behave as other SCP life-forms do or have done, there is a clear indication of animus within its behavior. SCP-215 appears to have motive and forethought, although this is hotly debated and contested within the research community. Some believe it is a function of its physics while others believe it to be cognizant.

Regardless of its exact nature, the artifact has been present at several combat situations between SCP interested groups, and many containment breaches.

List of SCP-215 Incidents:
(listed chronologically, numbered by report date)
I.215.11 - Jack the Ripper Murders
I.215.██ - Operation Ajax
I.215.██ - ████ ██ ███
I.215.██ - █████ ███
I.215.04 - Iranian Aryan Volunteer Force (regional Nazi militia) assault of British/Soviet controlled Abadan Oil Refinery resulting in 11 Soviet Army, 22 British Army, 1 RAF, 3 CIA, and 15 IAVF casualties
I.215.██ - Soviet Naval Infantry assault of CIA operations in Abkhazia, Georgia, resulting in 25 Soviet NI, 12 CIA, and 143 civilian casualties
I.215.██ - Operation SCP.45.█.IRG.████ involving Operatives ███████ and █████; Bijhan; and entering combat with Iranian Revolutionary Guard (regiment unknown)
I.215.██ - ████ ███████ █████
I.215.██ - Dr. ███████'s Murder
I.215.██ - [DATA EXPUNGED]
I.215.02 - Operation SCP.553.6.IRG.████ involving Operatives █████, █████, ████████ and ████; Bijhan; and entering combat with Iranian Revolutionary Guard Naval Marines, CIA operatives, and FBI UIU agents on board Iranian destroyer Jamaran off the coast of Farsi Island

In a recent interview I have managed to confirm from rogue agent "Bijhan" that the photograph now attached to this file depicts what we have nicknamed the "Oriental Mummy".

According to now destroyed records from ████ █████████'s personal collection - to which I had access before his unfortunate demise - the photograph was taken digitally, and preserved on paper made in southern London circa 1887. The location appears to be the London Museum of History.

How any of this is possible I'm not certain, but the extremely high levels of activity surrounding this artifact or person suggests to me that the Foundation should only have two goals in dealing with SCP-215: its complete destruction, or our complete avoidance of it.]

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[[tab Blistering Arch]]
item #: SCP-MLG

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-MLG is to be surrounded by two (2) five (5) meter-high brick walls at Site MLG-1 and Site MLG-2. The area surrounding SCP-MLG is a no-fly zone. Personnel staff assigned to SCP-MLG are to order any unauthorized inbound aircraft to change course immediately. If the pilot fails to comply to three warnings, use of deadly force is authorized.

Description: SCP-MLG is a semicircular arch composed of an unidentified translucent, white gas. The gas is unaffected by any force that would cause the deformation of the arch; as a result, no particles have ever migrated from the shape. The arch has a diameter of twenty (20) meters, a height of one hundred (100) meters and a length of one hundred-twenty (120) meters.

Subjects standing within one base of the gas, which is referred to as SCP-MLG-1, first experience an intense burning sensation in their eyes, causing an instinctual need to close them immediately. When the subject's eyes have closed, they will report being able to perceive another area, with a thick white fog surrounding them, completely blocking any view outside of a 20-meter diameter area. Areas described by subjects have been confirmed to be identical to those covered by the unoccupied base in every test. The observed location is referred to as Site MLG-2. Subjects within Site SCP-MLG-1 have also reported certain patches of ground glowing orange in Site-SCP-MLG-2, investigation shows that glowing locations indicate subterranean hazards, including explosives, venomous flora and fauna, sensitive tectonic faults and floors showing weak integrity. Should the subject begin to travel from where they are standing, the arch will appear to follow their path, changing direction in a manner that keeps Site SCP-MLG-2 in front of them at all times. In order to exit the gas, the subject must force their eyes to remain open while in motion; however, this effect only occurs with the first person to enter the gas during any test. The burning sensation in their eyes will last anywhere from twenty-four (24) hours to ten (10) days.

Prolonged exposure to gases causes blisters filled with blood to form on the subject's skin, resulting in severe discomfort. Over time, the blisters will increase in pressure, progressively bursting until the subject dies of blood loss. Accumulated blisters and wounds will last for no less than ten (10) days after exposure to the gas is cut off.

Discovery Log: SCP-MLG was discovered after a geyser erupted in [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in a single casualty. A witness of the event proceeded to alert authorities. SCP-MLG assumed its current shape within three minutes of eruption. Despite a complete lack of remaining gas consistent with SCP-MLG within the area, the region continues to be monitored for further eruptions and the vent has been filled using concrete.
[[tab Gun Glove (Canceled)]]

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-LLLL is to be held within weapons locker 5 at Site 19. The object is only to be used by personnel with a completely straight right index finger and high-calcium diet. Water is not to be exposed to SCP-LLLL.

Description: SCP-LLLL is a fingerless, black, one hundred percent (100%) grain leather glove with holes cut in to partially expose the knuckles designed to fit an average male human's right hand. The stitching appears mildly frayed and the leather crumpled in places suggesting light exposure to water. Despite wear and tear, the leather is unusually well polished.

When worn, the subject will report an increase in confidence and security, as if they were holding a fully loaded, powerful handgun, and will develop the urge to emulate one by creating their shape with their right hand, regardless of their cross-dominance. Should the subject press their thumb and index finger together, gunfire will be heard, and they will experience recoil consistent with the gun they were pretending to use. The spot the subject pointed at when the gunfire occured will also display evidence of a bullet designed for the emulated gun having impacted it, though no such round of ammunition exist in the area. High speed cameras indicate that no visible bullets are fired by SCP-LLLL.

SCP-LLLL is incapable of emulating any form of weaponry not classified as a handgun. It also does not appear to require reloading and may be fired indefinitely. However, emulation of firearms with significantly high recoil forces will cause physical damage to the arm. Instances of a person's radius and carpals shattering have been reported.

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