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SCP-1188 as found on floor after the "bathroom incident" of 04/01/████

Item #: SCP-1188

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1188 is to be secured in the office of the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Personnel at Site-38. When not in use, SCP-1188 should be kept in its designated box with felt cradle. The box itself is a simple double-clasp and hinge measuring 19cm x 4cm x 4cm of 2mm thick stainless steel. The box is painted in reflective safety orange with block lettered black labeling for maximum visibility. Containment of SCP-1188 and its box will be in a standard combination bio-metric and key locked secure safe.

The current custodian of SCP-1188, Dr. ███████, for all intents and purposes should be presumed to possess “ownership” of SCP-1188. Custody of SCP-1188 can be directly and safely transferred by the current custodian by physically handing SCP-1188 to the next custodian. If this action is taken of the previous custodian’s own volition and in the absence of a direct, spoken request, custodial transference should occur safely and without anomalous incidence.

Should possession of SCP-1188 occur through any other means, especially including, but not limited to: theft, borrowing, or transference that is not hand-to-hand, this should be treated as a breach of containment. Although improper custodial transference of SCP-1188 will not, in and of itself, constitute a direct threat, the use of SCP-1188 by an improper custodian will cause an anomalous effect. Such effects may range in scope from beneficial, to harmless, to catastrophic. On-site breach containment protocol measures Q-14 and area lockdown procedures 4-Alpha should be taken to minimize the potential threat to organic and inorganic materials.

Note: for authorized research, the custodian will allow approved personnel to borrow retrieve SCP-1188 for laboratory use. Under penalty of summary termination, no persons may use SCP-1188 outside the laboratory setting or on any surface or material not expressly authorized.

Dr. █████’s note:
"I know it’s all ‘fun and games’ for the transporting D-class to write on the bulkhead of the men’s head about Security Shift Supervisor ███████’s exploits with cloven hooved [REDACTED], but when that shit melts clean through to the women’s head and we have to euthanize two [REDACTED], and the asshole responsible, it’s just fucking hilarious! Goddamnitall! No more D-class will be assigned to bring this thing from the safe to the lab. We aren't this inept, I want this pen examined for compulsion. No way this asshole would have pulled this crap if he thought he was getting a free pass in a week."

Description: On external visual inspection, SCP-1188 appears to be a modern style of fountain pen complete with a resin cap, composite resin nip, and resin barrel. The cap screws to the pen and is black in color, as is the barrel. Where the nib screws into the barrel, there is a contact area where each piece comes together consisting of a 1mm band of pure silver, 1mm raised band of a platinum and ████████████ metal alloy having a red hue, and one final 1mm band of pure silver. The nib is of stainless steel construction, and all engineering aspects of the nib, such as the tines and vent hole appear functionally and proportionately made for common use.

The empty weight of SCP-1188 is approximately 89.5gr, closed length 14.2875cm, barrel length 10.6375cm, barrel width 1.8542cm, section diameter 0.9144cm, and an ink cap capacity of 1.3ml. The chemical analysis of the original ink matches that of the manufacturer J. Herbin Bleu Nuit; however, virtually any current market or antique ink appears not to inhibit the ability of SCP-1188 to cause effects. A correlation between type of ink and type of effect is an ongoing subject of research.

Dr. █████’s notes;
"If anyone can think of a way to justify using this thing to draw a fission reactor for SCP-085, let me know. I can't seem to find a good way to convince 05 that this should be harmless. At least, the research benefit would surely outweigh the negligible risk here."

There are two externally distinguishing characteristics of this object. Firstly, the convex side of the nib shank displays a laser etched branding of Harley Davidson Motor Vehicles that appears to be authentic and current to that corporation. Upon inspection of HDMV records, this object was not an item that was mass-produced or used for marketing. However, a more exhaustive search is underway to determine if this item was commissioned by a company executive, and if so, who the manufacturing company is. In short, this is not an item that is officially recognized by the HDMV Company. Secondly, upon the barrel in Monotype Corsiva font etched in 24 karat gold is the phrase, “From the desk of [REDACTED].” Connection to SCP-993 or SCP-485 has not been confirmed, but is also not ruled out. SCP-067 appears to have distinct similarities to this object; however, there is no record of this fountain pen manufacture at Pelikan. One hypothesis on origin suggests that these items are made by the same person(s), possibly even having a generational passing of craft secrets.

'''Acquisitions Incident:''' ████████ diner located ██ miles from Site-38's south access, SCP-1188, 11/16/████.

SCP-1188-a recent picture that could be Nobody

SCP involved: Following this incident, the object in question is inadvertently brought into Site-38 and properly identified as an anomalous object. Additionally, "Nobody" was possibly involved.

Personnel involved: Senior Agent Smith, while relaxing in an off-duty capacity.

Date: as above

Location: Operations procurement man-trap, requisitions window

Description: Unauthorized (accidental) possession and use of uncatalogued hazardous and anomalous object resulting in a level-2 bio-hazard response.
Note: This incident resulted in demotion of Senior Agent to Agent upon resolution of findings. See H.R. document [DATA EXPUNGED] for reference.

Following Standard Operating Procedure, Supply Officer ██████ initiated a localized containment lock-down when she smelled an extremely offensive odor originating from on or about the fountain pen that Senior Agent Smith was using to procure a standard tactical package. Upon smelling what she described as dead raccoon, and noticing the non-standard issue pen that Senior Agent smith was using, she made a direct inquiry to the agent. Video and audio surveillance confirm what later interrogation of the agent suggested: Senior Agent Smith did not smell anything out of the ordinary, made comments towards the supply officer indicating that she must be teasing him, and then failed to notice at any time that the fountain pen was producing a gritty sludge that made the agent's writing unreadable.

Addendum: Laboratory analysis confirmed that the "ink" on the requisition form was primarily of bovine origin, in a state of decomposition, mixed with blue ink. No trace of a non-ink substance was detected on or in the fountain pen. The decomposing matter yielded both gram negative and gram positive bacteria including a strong M.R.S.A. strain. However, this substance was not noted to be weaponized, nor did it yield any level-4 or higher specimens. Short of deliberate exposure and/or unsanitary practices following physical contact with the substance, this fluid did not require handling or decontamination protocols above level-2.

Document# 1188-01: [Interrogation Interview with Senior Agent Smith]

After isolating the agent we proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] extreme duress, at which point the Agent recalled how they had obtained the pen.
Agent: "I went to the register to pay with my card and there was no pen in the pen holder at the register to sign the receipt."
X: "Then what?"
Agent: "I asked the cashier for a pen but she didn't have one. She rummaged around a bit, but really wasn't making an effort as if having no pen was my fault. I usually have a pen, but I didn't have one in my suit jacket. I think maybe someone must have borrowed my pen, but I don't remember…."
X: "Stay focused. What did you do next?"
Agent: "Sorry. Sorry. There was a guy behind me. I hadn't even noticed he had walked up behind me. I mean, I knew he had been eating in the diner. He wasn't like a threat or anything, just some nobody, so I didn't mean it like he snuck up behind me or something. You know I would have noticed that!"
X: "Focus! You turned around to see a guy and then…?"
Agent: "And then I asked if he had a pen I could borrow. Damn! That was it! I borrowed his pen and that was the fucking pen!"
X: "Describe the man."
Agent: "Well, average height. Nothing odd stood out. Just a regular looking guy. Mid 30's to 40's maybe. Gray suit and holding a matching fedora. He asked me if I worked for the investment brokerage over on [REDACTED]. That put me on guard you know. I just countered by asking him a question. I said something like, 'I thought I recognized you, your Bob….' I remember the waitress hollering at me and when the guy said, 'Nobody, I'm Nobody.' I just turned around and paid.
X: "What happened after you paid?"
Agent: "I'll be honest, I had a stroke of luck. I forgot I had the pen and drove off with it and the guy didn't even notice! What are the odds of any agent randomly intercepting an SCP in the wild, right next to one of our sites."
X: "The odds are zero, you imbecile. Remember your special groups indoctrination? Nobody ain't nobody, Smith."
Agent: "Wait, what? Aww mother fucker!"
After this key exchange we ensured the legitimacy of the conversation by reviewing the polygraphs and applying [DATA EXPUNGED].

Experiment Log: 1188]

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One of SCP-XXXX's sister cannons (image taken around 1941)

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-XXXX's massive size, the object has to be kept on its designated rails in Site 20. Around ██ shells compatible with SCP-XXXX, along with all the necessary materials for firing these shells, are to be kept in a nearby storage facility for testing. No personnel without clearance of Level 4 or above are to authorize the operation of SCP-XXXX. Only D-class personnel are to crew SCP-XXXX; these D-class are to supervised by Level 4 personnel to ensure that the object is not used in a possible escape attempt or containment breach. Also, given SCP-XXXX's destructive potential, it must be defended under intense security (specifically, a rotating patrol of at least 10 armed guards) during both testing and storage to avoid its misuse.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the 4th "Gustav Gun" produced by the Nazis during World War II. It was built in secret at its construction facility in █████, Germany and was only discovered in 19██ when an undercover SCP Foundation agent (who was investigating Nazi strongholds for possible SCP's) was given access to its construction site by means of a promotion. It was there that the agent foresaw the final stages of the gun's construction and was told of the weapon's anomalous properties. Once the Nazis had finished the construction of the gun, the agent called in Mobile Task Force Sigma-2 ("The Bear Jews") to assassinate all the on site workers and move SCP-XXXX to a secure location by using [DATA EXPUNGED] and was successfully contained.

SCP-XXXX is virtually identical to its counterparts except for a few properties. For one, the central cannon segment of SCP-XXXX appears to be coated in an unknown, clear substance, dubbed SCP-XXXX-1. This substance appears to have been "painted" over the cannon after it was finished and has hardened over the entire outside of this central component. SCP-XXXX-1 appears to have made this section of SCP-XXXX indestructible; all attempts to reach the interior of SCP-XXXX and uncover the source of its anomalous properties (without risking the destruction of the object) have been met with failure.

Another of SCP-XXXX's properties is the machine embedded in the back of the central section of the cannon, which has been named SCP-XXXX-2. SCP-XXXX-2 is of a similar aesthetic design to other machines of the WWII era, suggesting that the Nazis had constructed it on their own; how they obtained the technology behind the machine is still unknown. The machine itself is rather simple in function; it features two sets of rotating wheels, one on top of another, that can be turned to lock on to different numbers, similar to the tumblers on a number lock. There are 7 wheels in each row in sets of 3, 2, and 2, as well as the symbols for degrees, minutes, and seconds in between the spaces. On the left side of the both the top and bottom wheel sets, there are the words "Breitengrad" ("Latitude") and "Längengrad" ("Longitude"). As such, this console as been assumed (and proven) to be a device for imputing geographic coordinates into SCP-XXXX. The coordinates imputed into this console have been shown to have a direct effect on SCP-XXXX's main property.

Whenever SCP-XXXX is loaded properly and fired at any angle, the shell will not be sent out of the cannon barrel; rather, a flash of bright blue light emits from it that lasts for approximately 2 seconds; this indicates that the shell was successfully teleported from the cannon to the latitude and longitude indicated by SCP-XXXX-2. This is accomplished through means of a circular, 20m wide horizontal portal (one that is the same blue color that appears at the end of the cannon barrel) that is created approximately 200m above the ground at the latitude and longitude point; the shell then comes out of this portal at a 270 degree angle, after which the portal then closes after 2 seconds. The means by which SCP-XXXX does this are unknown, as Foundation personnel have no access to the inner workings of the cannon.

Addendum-XXXX-I: It has been observed that while the angle of the portal and the starting altitude of the shell is consistent, the state of the shell during and after the teleportation is variable. Factors such as the shell's exiting velocity, structural integrity, and the delay between firing and arriving are not always reliable. Because of this, a set of test fires were approved to investigate the extent of these abnormalities; these tests were recorded in the Log of SCP-XXXX Test Firings.

Addendum-XXXX-II: Due to SCP-XXXX's capability to target anything anywhere on Earth, it has been suggested by some researchers that it be used to strike and eliminate the operating facilities of the enemies of the SCP Foundation safely and discretely. Usage for this task is currently pending O5 approval.]

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