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Dead cattle being recovered after initial containment in Demecser (taken ██/██/████).

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept inside a 2x1x1 metre steel sarcophagus at all times, with an average thickness of 5 centimetres per side. The upper plate of the chamber is removable and must be kept locked in place with four (x4) cam locks, in addition to two (x2) crossbar bolts placed longitudinally. The locks require daily testing, to be performed between 0800-1800 hours; any failures are to be reported and repaired immediately. SCP-XXXX may be removed for study between these hours, but not without approval from O5-█.

The sarcophagus of SCP-XXXX is to be kept on base at Site-██ and monitored at all times with cameras and motion sensors. Any anomalies detected are to be reported immediately, followed by the lockdown of the sarcophagus’ containment. Subsequent investigation and analysis are to be conducted between 0800-1800 hours; all staff found attempting to enter the containment area before or after these times will be subject to disciplinary action.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the corpse of a Caucasian male, age unknown, discovered on ██/██/████ in Demecser, Hungary. The subject appears to have suffered from anaemia and severe muscular dystrophy prior to death. Autopsies conducted on the subject have failed to determine the cause(s) of its condition but have revealed severe blood clotting in both the eyes and the circulatory system. The subject first came to the attention of the organisation after a series of attacks on both farmers and livestock in rural Hungary and was captured after a lengthy pursuit by field operatives (see Addendum 01).

Between 1900-0700 hours (local time, see Addendum 02) the subject will reanimate and, unless restrained, will seek out the nearest living mammal to its position and feed on its bone marrow; given enough time, up to 90% of the victim's marrow will be consumed. Upon finishing, the subject will continue to hunt until shortly prior to 0700 hours, at which point it will attempt to seek out an isolated location before returning to an inert state. The subject exhibits no response to pain or physical stimuli and testing has revealed a lack of brain activity during its animate state; as a result it is considered to be non-sentient (see Addendum 03).

The subject exhibits disproportionate strength in comparison to its lack of muscular tissue, and has been observed to be capable of tearing through Kevlar body armour under laboratory conditions. Experiments have shown that whilst exhibiting a preference for human tissue, the subject will consume any mammalian samples in its vicinity. Attempts to feed it avian, reptilian and amphibian samples have so far been unsuccessful. Regular feeding has been observed to improve both the subject’s muscle mass and skin tone, granting it a progressively healthier appearance.

Addendum XXXX-01: Field Agent Coulson was injured during the operation but despite severe trauma to the anterior muscles of his right thigh, he showed no sign of physical discomfort for approximately ██ hours, at which point sensation gradually returned. Tests to determine the potential anaesthetic properties of SCP-XXXX are pending.

Addendum XXXX-02: The time of reanimation roughly corresponds to the local timezone. It has been proposed to keep the subject moving through time zones to keep it in its inanimate state, but due to logistical reasons this is seen as unreasonable.

Addendum XXXX-03: During its initial capture, the subject was observed to be capable of speech and apparent emotion. Subsequent testing has revealed a limited range of responses and actions, with little to no problem-solving ability. It has been proposed that the subject is able to utilise memories from its victims to make it a more efficient hunter, but is otherwise only capable of rudimentary thought.]

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Photograph of SCP-XXXX inside its chamber.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a soundproof chamber decorated like a bedroom at Site-██. This bedroom must have one (1) dresser, one (1) desk, one (1) chair, one (1) bookshelf and one (1) lamp. The chamber is to be fitted with four (4) high quality security cameras in each corner which all have a ninety (90) degree rotating view, along with an (1) airlock door which is opened via keypad outside the chamber or from the viewing area. The chamber is to be cleaned every two (2) weeks along with the replacement of the light bulbs and the lenses of the camera must be wiped clean. SCP-XXXX’s containment area must be cleansed immediately after testing also. Testing may only involve Class D personnel from 2000 until 0700 to insure that other SCP research is not interrupted and to provide the most accurate results.

Personnel entering the chamber must provide written security clearance from any respectable Site-██ staff. All activities including cleaning and testing must be reported to any personnel directly involved with testing of SCP-XXXX, this is to ensure stabilization of the object and to punish any personnel who may have not followed proper procedures while inside the chamber.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a bed with a unique mattress. The solid oak frame consists of four legs, one headboard and one piece of solid oak connecting the two bottom legs. The mattress of this object is very interesting; it is shaped in the form of a human curled up on their left side. SCP-XXXX was found in an old apartment in [REDACTED] in 19██ after police had received many reports of death after people had slept on the object. Sleeping on SCP-XXXX in a way not intended by the mattress, will result in events in which all personnel involved will be killed. There are currently two events known, XXXX-E1 and XXXX-E2.

XXXX-E1 is an event in which any personnel not sleeping in the way intended by the mattress will have their flesh bent until it matches the shape of the mattress. XXXX-E1 will result in the immediate death of any person(s) involved as it seems [DATA EXPUNGED]. Testing notes have revealed that some subjects have woken up moments before their mutilation, resulting in bloodcurdling screams. The blood, bones and debris of these mutilated bodies must be cleaned up and disposed of immediately because [DATA EXPUNGED]. This is the most common event linked to SCP-XXXX.

XXXX-E2 is an event in which any personnel laying face down on the mattress while have their bodies [DATA EXPUNGED]. XXXX-E2 will result in immediate death or death from blood loss. All test subjects have had all their [REDACTED] in their bodies broken after XXXX-E2. Along with XXXX-E1, XXXX-E2 will cause subjects to wake up violently and let out bloodcurdling screams before dying. Any attempt at recording a video of this event has failed. Audio recordings remain in working condition throughout testing. Bodies must be cleaned up immediately after this event and disposed of properly. This is the least common event linked to SCP-XXXX.


Dr. F█████'s Journal, Page ██

Date: ██ M██, 19██

"Today, the ██th of May, I can finally say, that after months of research I have discovered and tested a new material that will be able to withstand the incredible forces on the human body caused XXXX-E1. This material will be forged in to a full body jumpsuit. Any person wearing this jumpsuit will be able to live through XXXX-E1 peacefully, without any harm. I've tested on Subject-D-365 and Subject-D-366 who both proved to be unharmed after their tests. Me and Dr. C████ along with Dr. D██ will be testing this suit once again to ensure that we have not just gotten lucky, but been able to stop a SCP of Euclid level.

- Dr. F█████"

Audio Recording XXXX-E2-1

Date: ██ August, 20██

Dr. F█████: Subject-D-432, please approach SCP-XXXX

Subject-D-432: Uhh, okay.

Dr. F█████ (To D-432): Please do not speak, just do as we say and everything will work out fine. Now, could you please put on the jumpsuit that is laying on top of the dresser.

A zipping sound is heard

Dr. F█████: Subject-D-432, please lay face down as straight as possible on SCP-XXXX

Subject D-432 says "This is bullshit" to himself at this point

Dr. F█████: All I can ask of you now Subject D-432, is to please remain in that position and fall asleep.

30 minutes later into the recording, a bloodcurdling scream is heard from Subject D-432 followed by the sound of cracking [REDACTED] and slamming against walls.

Dr. F█████: What the fuck?

Dr. F█████ (Towards other researchers): Gentlemen, get someone to clean that up, get someone to retrieve that audio and get someone to write down that XXXX-E2 has been linked to SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX Experiment Log No. 7

Date: ██ August, 20██

"Today, on the ██th of August, 20██, Dr. F█████, Dr. C████ and Dr. D██ have linked an new event to SCP-XXXX. They have labelled this event with the name of XXXX-E2 and a full description of it can be found in the report on SCP-XXXX. Its causes are currently unknown. Further testing is required to understand how this event occurred and how to prevent it.

- Dr. R██████"]

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