Bland SandBox - because isn't sand really rather beige?

Nobody is watching you.

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Works in Progress

  • bland-046 Abandoned
  • SCP-723-D Deleted by moderator
    • bland-723-D
    • bland-723-testlog
  • Format Test SCP-682-j
  • SCP-215-ARC


  • thumbdrive that stores souls (I'm sure it's been done)
  • Street narcotics cut with something excreted from an unknown. Nah - Slurm.
  • Something what has a side effect causing "Weight loss" - until extra organs start disappearing, then limbs, etc. Eventually only not much is left.
  • Article about something the research staff want to classify as safe. Notes refer to repeated attempts at classification of "Safe" or declassify completely, with O5 repeatedly making it Keter. Description COMPLETELY doesn't match the picture which is something of the "AAAH! GET IT AWAY variety." It's STILL an angler fish!
  • Test logs written in the future tense.
    • Reverse time traveler. Merlin, ala White SCP-411
    • Tachyon. Boring
    • Science according to prophecy.
    • something that requires the"perfect storm" of conditions.


  • Clef is trying to convince everyone he's the devil. (Clef used to be an angel? Riiiight!)
  • Everyone is convinced that Dr. Bright is not SCP-963, and I don't think he is. He's SCP-963-2. Seriously, how can he be the REAL Jack Bright when the artifact can make multiple instance copies of him like that.

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