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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept behind a glass cabinet in a safe area of the facility guarded by at least one security officer.

SCP-XXX is to be sealed away indefinitely inside a metal box which is to be welded shut. Testing is forbidden. Human access to the contents of the box is forbidden.

Description: SCP-XXX is a wooden carving vaguely resembling a human infant. Humans within a direct line of sight of the carving display greater happiness and optimism; the effect is far more pronounced whilst the carving is being held. At this point the only known side effect of exposure is that a person's sense of judgement will lower in inverse proportion to their optimism; apparently favouring their own hopes rather than any sense of caution.

It is not known whether one can damage the statue, as all people asked to do any damage to it have refused, valuing the statue above their own life.

Addendum: █████ █████! Who allowed this to continue as long as it did? This item will be sealed away from human contact from here on in. - O█

Incident/Experiment Logs:

Following is a drafted summary of the important points.

Incident 1: Carving found at a hospital with unusually high accident rates for those who had contact with a particular patient. Probability Division interested. Patient found to be a regular human; carving identified and taken in.

Experiment 1: Class-D exposed to carving as researchers look in through one-way glass. Class-D describes happiness and optimism. No evidence of probability alteration to develop accidents, etc.

** Experiments 2-6 (Omitted):** Further studies take place on individuals of various age groups, ethnicities, etc. All individuals experience similar happiness and optimism with no evidence of probability alteration.

Incident 2: Security guard is injured whilst maintaining his weapons. New guard posted.

Experiment 7: Long-term exposure test. Guards and researchers observe subject (placed in room by statue) for two days. Subject spends the last 12 hours cuddling the statue. Subject shows blind optimism with very little sense of judgement. Attacks security guard and is reprimanded.

Incident 3: Another security guard is fatally wounded after his gun discharges whilst he is cleaning it. Why he left the gun armed is unknown. Possible area of effect of statue identified.

Experiment 8: Subject from Experiment 7 has convinced himself he could fly if given the opportunity. Researchers take him to a high building on Site ██ to determine if lack of judgement is total bordering on delusional. It is. Subject expires.

Researchers are disciplined. Was that really necessary? That was our best park! - O██

Experiment 9: Area of effect test. Subject placed in room adjacent to carving, divided only by glass. Exhibits symptoms. Effect confirmed.

Crazy requests are made from researchers.

Entire research team disbanded and SCP-XXX is sealed away.

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