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SCP-612 in a defensive posture shortly after discovery by agents

Item #: SCP-612

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-612 is to be contained in a secured terrarium contained in an isolated room on the premises of Site 19. Visual monitoring is performed via a single camera positioned at one side of the terrarium. Only individuals to be used for feeding should enter the chamber. After feeding, SCP-612 may be placed back into it's terrarium via a robotic arm.

Description: SCP-612 appears to be a crustacean shaped entity made out of a bundle of mangled US 20 dollar bills. It was discovered shortly after a violent robbery in [REDACTED]. The above photo depicts the scene of the robber's arrest, presumably after the victim was attempting to hide the money in his pockets, causing SCP-612 to activate and begin to feed. Officers, witnesses, and the victim were all administered class A amnesiacs.

When not hunting, SCP-612 appears as a strapped bundle of bills. The strap indicates its total value as █████ USD. SCP-612 does not seem to have any special attractive abilities besides its appearance as a large sum of money.

SCP-612 will remain in this form for about 2 minutes while being handled or carried. SCP-612 will then transform and begin to feed. It will use it's front arms to slice deeply into the closest available flesh and lap up blood, absorbing it into the bills. SCP-612 will resist removal by attempting to attack hands and implements forced towards it as it feeds and by gripping tighter to the victim with it's other bills, causing paper cuts. If dislodged, SCP-612 will attempt to pursue it's victim by scuttling rapidly across the floor using the bills to it's rear. Its forearms are capable of severing tendons and small bones as well as sufficiently thin inorganic materials, making incapacitation of its victim a possibility, though SCP-612 does not seem to aim for this result during feeding or pursuit.

SCP-612 will cease feeding if it becomes fully saturated with blood, or if its target manages to escape. At this point, it will revert to its inactive state and over the course of 48 hours the blood will begin to disappear from the bills, seeming to be pulled inward towards the strap. The amount of blood it is capable of absorbing is deceptively large, and seems to vary depending on the amount it last fed upon and how long ago it was. SCP-612 so far has not shown signs of weakening from lack of feeding. SCP-612 will only feed from live subjects, going so far as to remain inert in a container of blood, regardless of freshness or source.

Attempts to disassemble or destroy SCP-XXX to investigate the bills composing it have met with failure. SCP-612 will violently react to either drive off or disable whatever is attempting to attack it, and it appears resistant to physical damage, though portions of bills have been removed from SCP-612 on several occasions. Only half of the bill was obtained in each attempt, further suggesting some unknown phenomena involving the strap. Attempts to remove the strap are discouraged after one attempt ended in [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-612 will appear to be injured, but over time will manage to regenerate the lost bills. SCP-612's defensive methods focus more on disabling the attacking entity, aiming for joints and tendons on human hands, or implements and control lines on mechanical devices. One its attacker has been subdued, SCP-612 will pose defensively until the attacker leaves.

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