Warning: If you have not been assigned to SCP-XXXX, do not open this file. Knowledge of SCP-XXXX can result in termination of employment. If you are the Administrator of Site ████, you may read this article exactly once. Any attempts to copy the information, or re-read the article may result in termination of employment. if you have been assigned to it, may god rest your soul.

Item #: SCP-XXXX that be the only name you give it let it not be named so none may call upon it if it is to be named it can hear if it can hear it can come do not name it

Object Class: Safe it is not safe it cannot be made safe please let it be safe

Special Containment Procedures: The physical aspect of SCP-XXXX, hereafter SCP-xxxx-Alpha, is currently contained within secure containment locker 234, at Site ████. SCP-xxxx-Alpha may only be researched with the express, written consent of Site Administrator Alex D’Argent, in addition to the consent of three members of the Ethics Committee, and that of the current Personnel Director. At no time is SCP-xxxx-Alpha to be viewed by any operative other than those assigned directly to the case. The presence of open flame, or any device capable of producing fire is restricted from the presence of SCP-XXXXthey dont know they cant know if they knew theyd find out how to destroy it

The mental aspect of SCP-XXXX, hereafter SCP-XXXX-Beta, is to be contained within the mind of a D-class, and rotated out on a monthly basis. Only one D-class is permitted knowledge of SCP-XXXX. At no time may more than three members of Site Staff be made aware of the existence of SCP-xxxx. One of these must always be the Site Administrator.

After repeated breaches of SCP-xxx-Beta, the following alterations to containment have been approved by the Ethics Committee. lack of ethics comittee

1. At no point is the Site Administrator permitted to read this file more than once. once is often enough

2. Any researchers assigned to SCP-xxxx must be made aware of the probability of infection when researched, and the need for SCP-xxxx to be contained. it needs to be held it wants to get out can we let it out

3. At any time, only two researchers may have access to SCP-XXXX. D-class are not allowed to host SCP-XXXX due to the likelihood of spreading it to other researchers, or other D-class. (SCP-xxxx is currently hosted by Dr. Helen Joyle and Dr. Kim Yung.) im sorry kim you shouldnt have to be here with me

4. Three members of security are to be tasked with observing the researchers from 3, at all times. Should researchers show erratic behavior, such as attempting to remove SCP-XXXX-Alpha from containment, or destroy scp-XXXX-Apha, they are to be detained. Lethal force is approved. and desired

5. Off site administration, the identity of which is to be unknown to any staff at Site ████, are to observe the actions of Site ████ staff, and react to an infection as per Document Chaney-9. we know them weve been told who they are he wants us to know

6. Staff and Administration of site ████ are not allowed access to Document Cheny-9. why we know what youll do to us if it gets out

7. Within the confines of the description, SCP-XXXX-Beta is named. Only researchers seeking infection, should repeat this name out loud. Only those researchers approved for SCP-xxxx infection should read further. too late too late

Warning: Reading further in this document bears a greater risk for infection by SCP-xxxx-Beta. turn back now lest ye be lost haha

Description: SCP-XXXX-Alpha is a ten page booklet, measuring roughly 6 inches by three inches, with pictures drawn in it, in the format commonly referred to as a Tijuana Bible. According to the readers of SCP-XXXX-Alpha, it tells the story of a young man named Bewilderforce, and his attempts to copulate with a variety of inhuman creatures. The story changes each time, which a new creature as the goal. SCP-xxxx-Alpha always ends on a close up panel of Bewilderforce saying “Well, that wasn’t worth it either!” its never worth it why do we bother the species doesnt need to procreate

After repeating readings of SCP-XXX-Alpha, readers became infected with SCP-XXXX-Beta. The possibility of infection can be increased by speaking the name of the main character out loud, but only if a person is already aware of the existence of SCP-XXXX-Alpha, either by reading SCP-xxxx-Alpha, or through being told about SCP-xxxx-Alpha, like by reading this report. The name, in and of itself, holds no power. the name is not where it lives the name merely calls bewilderforce is an asshole

SCP-xxxxx-Beta is, for lack of better terms, a sentient depression. It lives inside the heads of the infected, and appears to feed off of their emotional state, especially those of a negative type. Referring to itself as Bewilderforce, SCP-xxxx-beta will communicate with its host body buy telling the host everything that it does wrong. This infections affects all infectees differently, depending on their individual personalities. Some hosts of SCP-xxxx-Beta can resist its effects for years, seven years being the longest recorded infection. Late stages of infection mimic clinical depression, with infectees unable to (work up the energy to get out of bed, but find a better way to say it) and lapsing into a coma. that sounds nice ive been working on this skip for so fucking long

SCP-xxxx-Beta retains information from the minds of any previous infectees, and is capable of sharing this information with new infectees. For this reason, SCP-xxxx is only to be contained within the minds of Foundation researchers, who can be trusted not to use this information to escape, or attempt infection of others. trusted im trusted that will help remember im trusted don’t let him tell me otherwise.

If SCP-xxxx-Alpha is destroyed, if the infectee ceases higher brain functions, if the infectee is restrained, or if there are no current infectees for a period of one lunar cycle, SCP-XXXX-Beta is capable of creating a new instance of SCP-xxxx-Alpha, within a 100 km radius of the last known instance. If this occurs when an instance of SCP-xxxx-Alpha currently exists, the older version becomes ash, as if it had been burned. burn burn burn motherfucker id burn you if i could but i cant im trusted i want to but i know it wont get rid of you that’s why i keep reading this document to know

for those who come after me and i know you will come after me im sorry i wish i could have been stronger i wish i could have kept it together but i cant its just too much for me to bear hes here hes in my head always watching always talking to me hes a jealous little asshole wanting all of my time all of my energy but i will not let him undo me i will not be like the ones before

it hurts but i survive –helen joyle

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