Broken Clock Syndrome
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is contained within a standard humanoid containment cell, with the exception of adaptations made to the ventilation system which assist in the rapid and thorough dispersal of aerosolized amnestics into the containment cell. SCP-XXXX has been granted access to Site██’s yard between the hours of 12:00 and 19:00 each day. However, SCP-XXXX cannot for any reason be allowed outside of its chambers between these approved times and must be returned to its chambers at least two (2) hours before nine AM and PM (07:00 and 21:00), by force if necessary.

SCP-XXXX is to be issued class-A amnestics at nine-fifteen AM and PM (9:15 and 21:15) each day. Observing personnel are to determine if the application of amnestics has been sufficient to wipe all knowledge from the preceding event from the subject’s mind. If subject shows signs of emotional distress, Class-B amnestics are to be applied. If subject continues to act out of the ordinary, personnel are to contact Site Administrator █████ for permission to apply higher class amnestics.

All personnel are to vacate SCP-XXXX’s chambers from fifteen minutes before nine AM and PM (8:45 and 20:45) until observing staff report amnestic application has been successful.

SCP-XXXX is a Caucasian male fifty four (54) years of age and 1.75 meters tall. Hair is white and eye colour blue. Subject is currently undergoing medical treatment for loss of neural functions, though testing is underway to determine whether this condition is simply a natural case of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease or is a by-product of the repeated and heavy use of category A, B and C amnestics (not to discount the single occasion wherein a controlled application of class-Q amnestics were employed, see addendum XXXX-341).

SCP-XXXX formerly worked as host on a Christian radio station broadcasting from ███████, █████. Subject was arrested by the federal government of ███████ on ██/██/████ after revealing highly classified information regarding a new weapons program live on the air. After conducting an extensive investigation, the agency responsible for the subject’s interrogation handed it over to Foundation custody, having determined that it was impossible for the subject to have acquired the information through non-anomalous means.

It was soon determined that SCP-XXXX has the property of gaining an innate, but highly incomplete understanding of a topic he is thinking about at nine o’clock in the morning and afternoon of every day (09:00 and 21:00).
While the knowledge gained always has a factual basis, it is often disjointed, fragmentary and lacking context. This knowledge without understanding is almost always accompanied by a severe paranoia or hatred of the topic in question, though given the subject’s previous employment, it is heavily debated whether this negative bias is an aspect of its’ anomalous properties or a product of the subject’s pre-existing psychological state. As a point of interest, SCP-XXXX remains unaware of its own abilities, and insists that it’s not more special or intelligent than anyone.

Upon acquisition by the Foundation, SCP-XXXX exhibited knowledge of many anomalous objects, including several whose descriptions do not match any objects with SCP designations. Staff overseeing initial Containment proposed the use of SCP-XXXX to learn more about other anomalous objects, or even applying its properties to the general advancement of science. The results of this proposal are detailed Addendum: XXXX-6. All further experiments regarding SCP-XXXX must be approved by no fewer than three (3) O5-level staff.

Although the knowledge gained by each event is immediately erased from the subject’s memory as per Containment procedures, SCP-XXXX is aware that he has been apprehended by the Foundation, and demonstrates considerable hatred towards it. SCP-XXXX will not disclose whether it has deduced this knowledge from conspiracy theories it had been privy to in its’ previous employment, or whether incomplete amnestic treatment has allowed it to retain minor fragments of information from previous events. Further application of amnestics is being considered to erase this knowledge, given the risk engendered if the subject thinks about the Foundation during an event.

(Researcher’s note: we’re not just talking about the potential for escape, think about the breadth of the Foundation and what it contains. What if SCP-XXXX becomes privy to what 097’s face looks like? What if it internalizes an infohazard or memetic SCP? With a single thought at nine o’clock in the morning it could breach containment and become Keter-level threat.)

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