Builder Bear
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently free to roam Site 24, as it poses no threat and has been observed to greatly improve the morale of personnel that interact with it. The whereabouts of SCP-XXXX are currently unknown, though it is still believed to be somewhere in Site 24. Subject is to be secured for containment, but any creation of SCP-XXXX's should be destroyed on sight, unless futher evidence warrants less extreme actions. No teddy bears are to be allowed in Site 24 to prevent any confusion or mistaken identity. Any object that resembles a teddy bear is to be reported to the security team immediately.

-This is not a joke. We have no idea what SCP-XXXX's full capabilities are. Who knows how many of the damn things are out there by now? - Dr. Carver

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small teddy bear, approximately 33 cm in height. All tests performed have concluded that the subject is no different than any stuffed teddy bear available for purchase at an average store. Despite this, the subject is capable of moving of its own accord, and can communicate through gestures. The subject regularly shows affection to individuals in ways found endearing by most people. Its preferred method is usually hugging the lower leg of a person, but it has been observed dancing, jumping in place, and in two separate events it has even drawn crude pictures to show Foundation personnel. Even the most violent and cold of D-Class that have been introduced to SCP-XXXX have reacted positively to its affection.

Attempts at direct communication with SCP-XXXX have not been considered successful. Though it is capable of simple gestures to indicate a "yes" or "no" answer, it will often not react to lines of questioning concerning its nature or where it originated from. It is not known if this is because SCP-XXXX simply does not know the answers, or because it does not want to answer. Though capable of drawing pictures, it has not used its art as a form of communication beyond showing affection, even when encouraged to do so.

The more anomalous behavior of SCP-XXXX was not observed until around 2 weeks after it was originally secured. It is hypothesized that the subject appears to be able to construct replicas of itself out of various materials, by an unknown means. This process has not yet been observed directly by Foundation personnel. It has been hypothesized that SCP-XXXX used its endearing qualities to lull us in to a false sense of security, allowing it to collect materials to produce these creations. Currently, there are 3 known creations of SCP-XXXX, labeled SCP-XXXX-A, SCP-XXXX-B, and SCP-XXXX-C. So far, the nature of these creations has been in stark contrast to SCP-XXXX's initial behavior, as all have exhibited extreme violence towards humans. Details of their individual appearances, behaviors, and methods of aggression are listed below:

SCP-XXXX-A: On ██/██/████, SCP-XXXX-A was discovered wandering Site 24, accompanied by SCP-XXXX. Subject resembles a teddy bear similar in size and shape to SCP-XXXX, but is made entirely out of human ears. Witnesses interviewed said it appeared as if SCP-XXXX was giving a tour to the "newcomer". Dr. Carver was called to the scene, as he had the most experience with SCP-XXXX, as was a security team. Upon attempting to confront and contain SCP-XXXX-A, it emitted a high pitch shriek which caused intense pain in the eyes and ears of everyone in a 10 meter radius. Ear-like growths immediately began appearing on the skin of those who heard the noise, covering their bodies within 20 seconds, and eventually causing suffocation to all victims as the growths appeared inside their mouths and esophagi. SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-A fled the scene, and have not been contained since the incident, though both have been sighted within Site 24 on multiple occasions. Shortly after this incident occurred, a researcher was discovered missing an ear. According to him, it was removed through unknown means while he was sleeping. No other victims of ear removal were found, so it is unclear if SCP-XXXX obtained more ears from another source, or if it is capable of duplicating objects or materials.

SCP-XXXX-B: Discovered by a team of researchers in the cafeteria of Site 24 on ██/██/████. Subject looked nearly identical to SCP-XXXX, but moved slowly and irregularly, with jerky motions. The team reported that it appeared as if something was moving inside of SCP-XXXX-B. Subject made no attempt to interact at first, until a burst in its seams revealed what appeared to be the hand and arm of a human infant poking out and grasping at the air. At this point, one female researcher screamed, and SCP-XXXX-B reacted by emitting a high pitched cry similar to that of a human infant. The subject then attempted to [DATA EXPUNGED] the researcher who had screamed, causing massive internal damage. In the ensuing chaos, the security team was forced to [REDACTED] both the researcher and SCP-XXXX-B. Therapy sessions with the surviving members of the research team have made little progress. Approximately 3 hours after this incident, Dr. ██████ was found unconscious and bleeding in [REDACTED]. An abortion had been performed on her while she was sleeping, and the 8-month-old fetus was never found. It is hypothesized that SCP-XXXX used Dr. ██████'s unborn child to create SCP-XXXX-B. Information regarding the possible origin of SCP-XXXX-B is not to be leaked to the research team members currently undergoing therapy for the incident with SCP-XXXX-B, as Dr. Carver believes it would be extremely detrimental to their recovery.

SCP-XXXX-C - Subject resembles a teddy bear similar to SCP-XXXX, but composed entirely of rusted metal scraps. Subject was first sighted on ██/██/████ by Dr. Carver in his office while writing up a report on the SCP-XXXX-B incident. Subject fled the room when it noticed Dr. Carver staring at it. In the attempted pursuit of SCP-XXXX-C, Dr. Carver witnessed the death and maiming of █ Foundation personnel as the subject exhibited extreme violence during its escape. SCP-XXXX-C has not been encountered since this initial sighting, and it is unknown whether it still resides somewhere within Site 24. The origin of any materials that could have possibly been used to construct SCP-XXXX-C by SCP-XXXX are also unknown.

Extreme caution is to be taken if SCP-XXXX-A or SCP-XXXX-C are encountered again.

-I cannot stress this enough. Tha damn thing jumped right through those poor people - Dr. Carver

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