Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a pressurized, nitrogen rich environment kept at a steady temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Subject it to be kept within a blue body bag and not removed except with express written and signed approval by administrative staff. Twice weekly staff wearing pressurized suits shall walk into an adjoining room where the suits will be sterilized using ultra-violet rays. They should then enter and, using spray bottles, hydrate SCP-XXXX's tissues with a glyceraldehyde solution, afterwards excess fluids should be vacuumed from the bottom of the SCP-XXXX's bag. Staff are advised to check for any signs of mold or general decomposition. At no point should staff in any way come into contact or attempt to speak with SCP-XXXX . Individuals caught doing so will receive a formal reprimand.

SCP-XXXX shall be kept under video surveillance at all times to ensure no unauthorized use.

Note from Dr. Shepard : Ladies and Gentlemen, I once again remind you that the pressurized suits are not for your protection but for SCP-XXXX's protection. Above all else we need no further microbial contamination of our subject. Please adhere to all guidelines when dealing with SCP-XXXX thank you.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 24 year old deceased Caucasian female from [DATA REDACTED]. SCP-XXXX has a unremarkable medical history up until her death at which time she suffered a fatal abdominal aneurism. SCP-XXXX was a organ donor however her organs were unsuitable for donation and as such her body was donated to ███ █████████ University College of Medicine for use as a cadaver upon which medical students would dissect and learn anatomy.

Third year medical student William Shepard encountered SCP-XXXX while preparing the body for a presentation regarding the nerves of the face. Dissection was unremarkable until leaning forward he placed his elbow upon her chest and leaned his weight on it to steady his hand while carefully dissecting the greater auricular nerve. Depressing SCP-XXXX's chest caused air in her lungs to escape through her mouth at which point she spoke a word, "Hello".

9-1-1 call was interrupted by the Foundation. Field agents along with MTF-H1 "Rainbow Ark" were dispatched to secure student-doctor William Shepard, SCP-XXXX and the 911 operator. Containment was successful however Agent Marla Pianti was unable to reproduce the event that Shepard described. Shepard was given another opportunity after expressing cooperation with Foundation field agents. Shepard pressed down upon SCP-XXXX's lungs and she spoke once more. All further interactions were recorded by on-sight video and audio equipment.

Begin Video Log

[Agent Pianti's face looms in the camera as she levels the camera precisely. She walks off screen and we can see Shepard, a nervous looking young man in ciel blue scrubs interlacing his gloved hands as he looks nervously from the camera to Agent Pianti off-screen. Directly next to Shepard sits a blue unzipped body bag on a plain metal table the profile of a ashen white nose is seen barely peeking from the bag due to the camera angle.]

Agent Pianti: State your name please.
Shepard: Student-doctor William Shepard.
Agent Pianti: Please describe the subject.
Shepard: Subject is a 24 year old deceased female with a 7 cm incision lateral to her umbilicus. No other lesions or scars noted superficially. Subject is… seems…
Agent Pianti: Please continue.
Shepard: This is crazy. Okay. um. [Shepard's voice rising] Subject seems to speak when air is depressed from lungs. It appears that she is able to still use vocal cords which would suggest cranial involvement of some kind. Except that her brain was removed in preparation for anatomy.
Agent Pianti: Please, continue student-doctor Shepard.
Shepard: I just came up to her like this.. and if I depress the lungs causing a positive air pressure within the lungs the outflow seems to allow the subject to speak like so. [Shepard demonstrates on SCP-XXXX.]
SCP-XXXX: Where am I

[There is a brief pause after Shepard does this. He looks off-screen presumably at Agent Pianti.]

Agent Pianti: This is your show. Converse with her.
Shepard: [Shepard looks nervous for a moment visibly uneasy at this entire process.] You're in a cadaver lab at ███ █████████ University College of Medicine. [All further responses from SCP-XXXX are performed in this manner. Shepard depresses her chest and we receive several words. He releases her chest and allows air to fill the lungs and then continues. This process is repeated until she has completed her statement at which point the Shepard asks another question.]
SCP-XXXX: No I'm not. I'm somewhere beautiful.
Shepard: Can you see me?
SCP-XXXX: No but I can hear you.
Shepard: Are you aware that you are deceased?
Shepard: What do you see?
SCP-XXXX: Miles of green grass and [DATA REDACTED]
Shepard: Are there people with you?
Shepard: Do you know them?
Shepard: Who are they?
SCP-XXXX: My mom, my aunt, my grandfather and his father. And his father. And my grandmother and her mother, and her mother, and all the way to [DATA REDACTED]
Shepard: [Looks around at the silent Foundation personnel before continuing] And who else?
SCP-XXXX: Well now many more have come. They are excited to talk. Your [DATA REDACTED]
Shepard: [Visibly emotional and upset by this. Interview with SCP-XXXX terminated. SCP-XXXX moved to on-site storage facility]

End Video Log

Addendum 1: Excerpt from Dr. Shepard's Personal Log: We've been conducting further tests with SCP-XXXX and have ascertained that it is not just me that is able to communicate with SCP-XXXX. In fact, ability to communicate with her seems to be solely based on whether or not an individual has a belief in a spiritual afterlife. Type of religion has no bearing, only that the individual believes.

Personal Note regarding Addendum 1: From Agent Marla Pianti: Please don't tell Dr. Pianti, she'd be devastated.

Addendum 2: From Dr. Shepard's Log: SCP-XXXX has stated through a brief interview that her "Earthly" name has been replaced by her real name. She requests that all staff refer to her as "Priscilla". This name is currently in use while experimenting however all are reminded to refer to her as SCP-XXXX while outside of her containment area.

Addendum 193: From Dr. Shepard's Log: Either SCP-XXXX is telepathic or she is really speaking with [DATA REDACTED]. This has caused severe emotional distress for some involved in the experiment. So far SCP-XXXX has only allowed contact with individuals who have been [DATA REDACTED] and are related to the one experimenting. However SCP-XXXX has refused to allow us to speak with [DATA EXPUNGED]. We have no way of confirming whether or not SCP-XXXX is able to communicate with [DATA REDACTED] or whether she is telling the complete truth. However thus far evidence seems to point to the fact that she does indeed speak with the [DATA REDACTED] and that perhaps she is currently existing in some type of [DATA REDACTED].

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