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Item #: SCP-254

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-254 is to be contained in a soundproof case, cubical in shape and measuring .7 meters per side. It is recommended that said case be checked for damage or reduction in soundproof qualities due to the 'humming' effect caused by SCP-254, described later in this article.

It is of vital importance that, while SCP-254's soundproof case is being inspected and/or repaired, it be immediately moved into a temporary soundproof storage. All personnel involved in the transfer of locations must refrain from speaking in SCP-254's presence, even when it is apparently safely contained behind soundproof material. This applies to all use of the human throat, vocal chords, and mouth to produce noise. Whistling, humming, or producing otherwise incomprehensible noises may sometimes trigger SCP-254's effects.

While SCP-254 is contained, it is recommended that a single guard remain outside of the room containing its case, outside of the range of its 'humming' effect.

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