D-XXXX-33, an average Caucasian male, is on answering duty, and Agent ███ is on guard.
No researcher is present but audio and video recording devices are set up should any of it be of use later.
D-XXXX-33 is reading a book when SCP-XXXX vibrates. D-XXXX-33 answers.
SCP-XXXX-01: (voice is a young male) Hello?1
D-XXXX-33: Hel- (he stops and stutters some)
SCP-XXXX-01: Are you going to say something?
D-XXXX-33: Who are you?
SCP-XXXX-01: (the voice is distanced) Doc, he asked who I am. (the sound of another voice is heard but unable to be made out before the initial voice becomes clear again) Why do you want to know?
D-XXXX-33: Well it’s weird cause I’m always the first to say “hello” into this thing
SCP-XXXX-01: (voice is distant again) He said he’s first to always say “hello” but [REDACTED] (the second voice is heard and the initial voice becomes clear again) Is there anything you want?
D-XXXX-33: I want to get back to my book
SCP-XXXX-01: Then why did you- (he is cut off by the second voice, which, while still distanced, can clearly be heard saying “My god!” before becoming unintelligible)
D-XXXX-33: (showing signs of nervousness) What’s going on?
SCP-XXXX-01 hangs up
Footage is reviewed later by Dr. █████ and determined valuable to archive

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