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This is where I will place my SCP's.

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX can be kept in a standard 5m x 5m x 5m containment cell. Access to the SCP is restricted to the main research team and any researcher that has received clearance from the current project leader.

Description: SCP-XXX is an ornate black mailbox that was found attached to a rock wall located on the ██████ in the ███ mesa in Utah. SCP-XXX was found by a small group of hikers in ████ and reported to a regional park ranger station. Agents monitoring the region intercepted the SCP before arrival of any of the rangers.

Other than the words “U.S. MAIL” and “APPROVED BY THE POSTMATER GENERAL” featured prominently on the face of the mailbox, no address or other identifying marks have been identified. The object is susceptible to damage as per usual for the materials it’s constructed from, and any testing that would damage it are suspended due to risk of destroying the SCP.

At random intervals, the flag attached to SCP-XXX can be observed to rise into the vertical position, as is usually done to signify that mail has been deposited into the mailbox. Since its containment, this phenomenon has never been observed while the SCP has the letter door open or on any Sundays. When the flag is raised, researchers can open the mailbox to find that anywhere from 1 to ██ letters will be inside ready for delivery. The letters will be addressed to various individuals throughout the United States, with the correct postage affixed for proper delivery. All the addresses on the letter point to the actual domicile of the intended recipient. Observation has shown that new letters sent to the same recipients after they have moved to a new home have shown the new address, indicating that the sender(s) of the letters are aware of their relocation. A historical listing of recipients is available in [DATA EXPUNGED]. There is no return address on the envelopes.

The letters vary in many different ways including: author, handwriting, tone, style of speech, vocabulary, and mental writing style. The content, however, is descriptive of similar scenarios. The authors are all American citizens that have been reported as missing from around the world, with the oldest identified author being Michael Clark Rockefeller. Content of the letters seem to indicate that the authors have only been incarcerated for a few years, despite being missing for up to several decades. All the authors describe themselves as being in a jail cell and are all unaware how they arrived at their present situations. The letters have reported guards stationed outside of each of their cells, but the only interaction with the guards have been when they enter to collect any outgoing mail. Meals are provided through a slot in a door. According to the letters, the plates are stamped as “Moabi Prison”. No such facility is known to exist.

All attempts to contact the senders of the letters have been met with failure. Analysis of the content of the letters is undergoing in the attempt to locate the facility that these individuals are incarcerated in.

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Item #: SCP-760

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-760 is to be contained in a locked case in a 5m x 5m x 5m cell. Only one guard needs to be stationed at the doorway. Requests to listen to SCP-760 can be granted after psychiatric analysis and orientation as to the nature of the object. Any individual spending more than 3 hours per week listening to SCP-760 should be taken to the psych-ward for psychiatric evaluation and counseling. Although not dangerous in and of itself, SCP-760 can be an indicator of latent depression or addictive personalities in subjects using it.

Description: SCP-760 appears to be an early 1990's Sony Walkman Sport loaded with a standard cassette tape. The Walkman itself is glued shut with an unknown substance, and further attempts to open it are restricted in order to avoid damaging it. The tape inside is visible, and the words "Gabe speaking" are written on the label in ink. SCP-760 did not come with headphones, but the audio jack it provides allows researchers to attach either headphones or speakers. Batteries are not included and must be regularly replenished.

When started, the tape will play 15 minutes of audio consisting of an elderly man speaking. Although this man might be the "Gabe" indicated on the label, he is further referred to as SCP-760-1. Depending on who pushed the play button, SCP-760-1 will begin narrating a portion of that individuals life for the duration of the tape. Rewinding the tape to the beginning will have SCP-760-1 narrating a new and random portion. Pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding only a portion of the tape will perform normally.

All attempts to identify SCP-760-1 have failed. His speech has been described as eloquent and soothing, and he appears to be well educated. Additionally, he will speak in the primary language of the person who's life he is currently narrating. The narrations themselves are of unremarkable moments, seemingly chosen at random throughout the individuals life. Although rare, SCP-760 has made references to events that have yet to occur.



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