Fritz Freud


Full monte humanoid shapeshifter


Today, I am an X: at the beginning of play, I will roll 1d21 twice to choose two skills from the list of potential skills. For the duration of play, Fritz will have +4 to those skills.


The feature is uncertain: Fritz has developed a rather philosophic attitude toward life as a result of his condition. Nothing lasts forever in his life but his name, after all.
Freak artiste: Fritz takes an odd pride in his ability to elicit a reaction. Any reaction.
I know who I am!: Don't bring up the old saw about shapeshifters lacking any true identity. He's absolutely sick of hearing it.


  • body: 4
  • mind: 4
  • physical defense: 4
  • mental defense: 4

Fritz has no base stat in all other skills.


Fritz wears a full coverage black spandex body suit and a white domino mask, and carries a wheelbarrow full of various props.

Personal History

Fritz distinctly remembers having a face once. He was born to a loving home and two theatrically inclined parents who taught him everything he knows about acting and the stage. Good thing, too, because around his fifteenth birthday his features started to blur… Now, under the bodysuit, he's a totally featureless humanoid, capable of assuming any particular form only for a day at a time, although he can't do nonhumanoid forms. (Why? Well. Know how it takes an infant months to figure out how fingers work? That's why. Few things are more embarrassing than a nonfunctional limb.) He's taken it philosophically, and now makes a decent living as a street performer doing various impressions and skits, augmenting his transformations with props from his wheelbarrow.

A long time ago, Billy Schitz helped him talk his way out of a nasty situation and showed him to the Library. He's come around occasionally ever since.

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