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O5-9: Hello Jaan, Peter. Is Horace available?
jchandrasekhar: Hello Sir. Yes he is, I'm getting him to his workstation now.
O5-9: I will wait.
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hames: Sorry about that, what can we help you with?
O5-9: Can you confirm how many agents on the research team are at Site 76 right now?
pknudsen: Just the three of us, sir.
O5-9: I arranged for a delivery to your lab marked "Glass", did you receive it?
pknudsen: Yes we did, the assembly was in perfect working order and the item was intact.
jchandrasekhar: The item was brought to ambient temperature under standard pressure per your instruction as well.
jchandrasekhar: Just to satisfy my curiosity, is the airlock is going to fill with a Class-C when one of us leaves the lab?
O5-9: Yes. Make sure you are making electronic records of all of your findings and not just mental notes. New policy at the Site 76 research lab is going to mandate the release of an airborne Class C amnesiac upon passing through the exit airlock.
hames: And we are to assume the memetic kill triggers are active on the workstations as well?
O5-9: They are and have been since before the package was shipped. Maintenance will be affixing the warning placards on site this evening, so it will be readily apparent to everyone there.
jchandrasekhar: What about the item itself? I attempted some basic research after reading the contents of it and I can't find any record of a… that name on the end.
jchandrasekhar: Will that name trigger a memetic kill switch? The title makes it seem like that is the name of an Overseer, but I've not heard of any new format for appending a letter after your title.
O5-9: Harris Barkley is not an Overseer, nor is there any identifying information about Overseers other than the "O5-#" format. Nor would any Overseer be foolish enough to write down their own name for any reason, ever.
O5-9: There will be a myriad of interrogations across multiple sites concerning the issue over the next few weeks to attempt to get you fellows some additional information.
pknudsen: This whole thing is very unusual. I don't mean to sound accusatory, but why are we discussing a possible Skip directly with an Overseer anyway? I thought you lot were supposed to have nothing to do with these things. Or does this require different procedures because of what the letter said?
O5-9: I'm not at all concerned with what was written on it. It's your duty to decrypt the contents of that letter and its properties to deduce if it is a Skip or not. I'm concerning myself with figuring out how a security breach and a leak of sensitive data were able to occur without triggering so much as a single alarm. I want to know how the item managed to get into my office, and I want to know who leaked the writer his information.
O5-9: Also, the three of you are the only ones I want working on this item. You are to report directly to me concerning any updates you find about the item. Keep your records on your local drives, do not upload them to the network for others to edit them.
hames: Is Parish aware of the situation yet?
O5-9: Parish does not have authority over the three of you concerning this issue. SOP is to be followed this, treat is as any other potential Skip.
hames: Understood.
O5-9: Your workstations now have access to encrypted network drive "9:\". Store all of your research data there and I will follow up as often as I see fit. I'm putting Chandrasekhar in charge of this project.
jchandrasekhar: Thank you, Sir.
O5-9: Good night, gentlemen.

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