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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently located in the underground facility in which it was discovered, dubbed Site ██ and now repurposed as testing and holding grounds for technology-based anomalous objects. SCP-XXX's reaction chamber is located 0.81km beneath the surface and admittance is restricted to researchers and security personnel with Level 3/XXX clearance. No one is allowed within SCP-XXX's reaction chamber while the object is active except for specified D-class personnel engaged in current testing. The dual-airlock and sanitation entryway is to be guarded at all times by a minimum of two (2) armed personnel.

At all times, a minimum of two (2) technicians trained in the operation of SCP-XXX-2 must man the control terminals, alternating in eight-hour shifts. If variations beyond the 150% threshold occur, general alert is to be sounded. If variations reach beyond 300%, Blackout Protocol is to be enacted to protect Foundation property. Due to the unstable nature of SCP-XXX-1, no other anomalous object is to be brought below sub-level 10 without prior authorization of the Site Administrator.

Description: SCP-XXX refers to a construct located in the lowermost chambers of Site ██. SCP-XXX-1 is a geodesic sphere approximately 14m in diameter. Tests conducted upon apparent spare parts show that the outer sphere is a layer of tessellated plates composed of a substance chemically similar to obsidian, each featuring either 10 or 14 metallic emitters. The cross-bars appear to have no function in the unit's activity but instead act as stabilizers.

SCP-XXX-2 is a control panel located in the room adjacent to the reaction chamber for SCP-XXX-1. Several remote workstations are also present, but the mainframe to which they were connected was removed before Foundation acquisition. SCP-XXX-2 was the only functional device in the facility upon first discovery; however, the console has no hard-wired connections save for a power cable and no transmissions have been detected. How it communicates with SCP-XXX-1 is currently unknown.

A plaque above the entrance to the control room lists the given name of SCP-XXX as "Omnipresent Reaction Generator, Unit 6", or "ORG-6". This is in compliance with the observed anomaly caused by SCP-XXX-1, namely a static field of energy surrounding the device that can be manipulated using SCP-XXX-2, though by default fills the entirety of the reaction chamber. How the device generates this energy is unknown; blueprint fragments located elsewhere in the facility suggest an unknown array of internal mechanisms within SCP-XXX-1, and there are insufficient spare parts to construct a second functional model. All that is known is that the output can theoretically be "aimed" to a small degree, creating a concentrated energy field in a generalized area, and its total power and range of effect can be increased. The controls do not allow for fine-tuning of either variable.

At its base level of output, SCP-XXX is able to generate enough energy to power most electrically-powered devices requiring up to approximately ██-volts that is brought within its reaction chamber. The field created is able to permeate electromagnetic insulation but has a definitive outer perimeter at which it ends, and it has no apparent affect on living creatures. The field also acts as a "shield" around SCP-XXX-1, resisting both physical contact and high-energy intervention; thus far directed heat, lasers, X-Rays and radio wave transmissions have been unable to penetrate the outer shell. While typically stable, SCP-XXX-1 has shown a tendency to infrequently spike its power output; it is not currently known whether this is an innate complication with its method of energy generation or if SCP-XXX-1 is somehow damaged in an as-yet undetectable way. These fluctuations can typically be brought under control by SCP-XXX-2.

During periods of fluctuation, or if SCP-XXX-2 is used to alter the device's output to a level between 100% and 500% of base levels (dubbed "active" states), a variety of effects are observed within the reaction chamber: the energy produced is sufficient to provide power to most man-made electrical devices; metallic objects apart from SCP-XXX-1 begin to shine regardless of their normal luster; digital recording and radio transmission devices encounter heavy distortion; and the air is described as "vibrating" by D-class personnel, even when in environmentally sealed suits. Power emissions are prone to an approximately 84% greater likelihood of fluctuation than when at base levels.

Beyond 500% of base (maximum attainable levels are estimated at ████% of base parameters) the output is classified as "unstable". Directing the flow of energy is impractically difficult to control, and the affected range fluctuates uncontrollably almost constantly; devices as far as █ km from SCP-XXX-1 have recorded power spikes during testing. Unshielded electrical devices within the reaction chamber will typically overload, and even non-electric mechanisms (such as combustion engines) will begin operation despite a lack of fuel. Metallic objects will be pushed away from one another; while seeming to be a result of magnetic activity, this effect also occurs with non-ferrous metals that are not typically affected. Finally, living organic beings that are in the chamber when SCP-XXX-1 is emitting beyond ███% of base levels experience [DATA EXPUNGED]. While not always initially fatal, this process leads to severe brain damage in virtually all cases. Non-living organic matter appears to not be directly affected.

Despite being able to increase the output of SCP-XXX-1, Foundation agents have not yet been successful in finding a way to be able to shut the device down completely. Its base levels are the most easily managed and SCP-XXX-1 is to be returned to such a state immediately upon completion of any experiment.

NOTICE: In light of Incidents XXX-2 and XXX-5, any test wherein the power output of SCP-XXX-1 is to be intentionally raised above the semi-stable 500% threshold requires prior approval from at least two level 4 advisers. Any personnel found deliberately circumventing this protocol, or allowing it through lack of procedure, shall face strict repercussions.

Addendum XXX-1: Incident Report XXX-2

Date of incident: ██/██/20██

An experiment was conducted by Doctor B████ wherein multiple generators were installed within SCP-XXX's reaction chamber; these would be run by SCP-XXX at a level of 250% base capacity and would be connected to Site ██'s power grid. Despite continuous monitoring, approximately 2 hours into the test, SCP-XXX-1's output spiked to 900% of base capacity without input from the control panel. It took the attending technicians five minutes to be able to reduce the power levels, during which time 52% of electrical equipment at Site ██ suffered varying degrees of damage whether connected to the grid or not.

Addendum XXX-2: Administrative notice dated ██/██/████

TO: All personnel of Site ██

Re: Power needs

People, we've tried. I know, I know, SCP-XXX is literally a big ball of free energy. But we can't keep it under control. Every time we try to crank the juice up enough harness it for anything more than flashlights or a camera, the thing goes haywire. The last time it happened it fried half the complex; fortunately it was just after the twice-monthly backups. This is why it's designated as an SCP object, because we don't understand the fundamentals of it and we're trying to just figure out how it works.

You will of course forgive the casual tone of this memo. I'm simply sick of having one to three notices a month saying how we should 'plug it in'. Other researchers have already given it a whirl. Until such time as someone can present a plan that has technical merit, all attempts to directly link SCP-XXX to the electrical grid are prohibited and requests for such shall be summarily ignored.

- Dr. ███████████, Site Director

Addendum XXX-3: LEVEL FOUR SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO ACCESS (will be collapsed in final writeup)

The facility that is now Site ██ was brought to Foundation attention following research into studies being conducted by Professor █████ ███████ at his private organization's laboratory, compound located outside █████████, Germany. Numerous radical ideas were being reported and Professor ███████ was under consideration for Foundation employ; specifically, the facility in question was trying to harness what their researchers dubbed the "God Wave" in lieu of a technical designation, a background radiation or effect that appears to permeate the entire universe. No other device besides SCP-XXX is known to be able to detect, let alone interact with, this so-called "God Wave"; Foundation researchers have been attempting to correlate retrieved data with other models of theoretical physics.

The compound was in a similarly abandoned state as what is now Site ██. Most computer equipment and virtually all paperwork had been removed from the site after an incident at a location in [REDACTED] that was apparently equipped similarly to Site ██; later Foundation experiments point to a loss of control similar to Incident XXX-2 and XXX-5. All that is known is that the device at this second facility (listed as ORG-1) suffered a catastrophic failure and destroyed the entire facility, collapsing the underground structures that covered approximately three square miles, and being recorded as a 7.2 earthquake that caused serious damage to the surrounding areas.

From what scraps were recovered from this apparent headquarters, it is believed that only the failed construct and SCP-XXX had been fully assembled and activated; however maps exist which point to a potential total of ██ ORG units. Multiple task forces were organized to search the known locations; all were similarly abandoned before the devices could be completed, many before the full facility could be constructed. Due to ongoing international issues, █ facilities remain unchecked. How Prof. ███████ secured the funds and manpower for an operation of this size without drawing attention is under investigation.

Most troublesome is a portion of research data recovered; apparently the ORG units were initially designed as a way to bring "free energy to the world". SCP-XXX's reaction chamber features a short channel, dug 15 meters wide and 30 meters vertically, like a chimney. It is believed that this would have eventually been extended to breach the surface and fitted with conductive materials, acting as a channel to be able to - in conjunction with the other units - distribute the energy in a blanket fashion over the entire planet. The project was abandoned after the incident at [REDACTED], confirming fears that not only were the ORG units unstable, they could theoretically be utilized as weapons, either by directing excessive energy into a singular location or by being intentionally overloaded and used as a bomb.

Finally, plans call for a secondary control panel; no such device exists within Site ██ and there are insufficient plans to be able to construct one. It is believed that this device would allow not only far greater precision in control of SCP-XXX-1's output, but also enable full shut down and restart of the device at will. It is believed that this second panel, dubbed SCP-XXX-3, was removed from the facility at the time of its abandonment, and recovery of it or an identical piece is priority one for MTFs searching other locations.

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