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SCP-AAAA-248, most recent object affected by SCP-AAAA

Item #: SCP-AAAA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, containment of instances of SCP-AAAA is not a possibility. Objects affected by SCP-AAAA are to be logged and contained if possible. If containment is not a viable option, objects may be destroyed with permission of a Level 3 staff or higher. All witnesses of anomalous events are to be treated with Class A amnesics and cover stories are to be disseminated to local media outlets. Any observed instance of SCP-AAAA is to be reported immediately.

Description: SCP-AAAA are humanoid entities that manifest as Caucasian males, ranging from approximately 30-60 years of age, all dressed in a manner that corresponds to clothing stereotypical of an American mid-nineteenth century repairman or factory worker. All instances carry gray, metal tool boxes, approximately _x_x_cm, containing tools appropriate for that era. Eighteen (18) separate instances of SCP-AAAA have been recorded, with recurring instances appearing in multiple events. The first confirmed sighting of SCP-AAAA occurred on █/█/19██, and instances have not appeared to age since this time. SCP-AAAA seems to be exclusive to the United States.

Between one to four instances of SCP-AAAA will spontaneously materialize in urban areas in the vicinity of mechanical or electronic devices, typically focusing on objects utilized by the public, i.e. elevators, street lights, vending machines, etc. Entities will partially dismantle and alter the object of their focus, a process taking anywhere from four (4) to seventeen (17) minutes. When the alterations are complete, instances will walk away and dematerialize once unobserved. Attempts to interact with instances of SCP-AAAA have always resulted in spontaneous dematerialization of the entities.

Affected objects will immediately begin demonstrating anomalous properties, often posing a significant safety risk to civilians in the vicinity. Examination of altered objects has shown them to be structurally identical to non-anomalous versions. If possible, objects are to confiscated, contained under the designation SCP-AAAA-x, and replaced with non-anomalous equivalents. Objects that pose too great a threat to personnel or are immobile are to be destroyed.

The appearance of SCP-AAAA is not precipitated by any event, and as such actual instances are seldom observed by personnel. Due to the inability to anticipate the materialization of instances or to ascertain how long long SCP-AAAA has been in existence, it is theorized that SCP-AAAA could be responsible for the creation of several anomalous objects currently in Foundation custody.

Any researchers encountering objects found to be altered by instances of SCP-AAAA are to log their findings in Log-AAAA-b.

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