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A photograph of SCP-XXX. Security Guard ███████ also present in photo, shortly before Incident XXX/A.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid/Keter [Pending]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently contained in the abandoned █████████ Theme Park, ███████, held down with a network of girders made from a steel/telekill alloy. These girders must be maintained and/or replaced every four months by D-class personnel with ███████ █████████. Six security guards are to patrol around the perimeter of SCP-XXX at any one time. These security guards are authorized to shoot on sighting any intruder, or anyone attempting to access the ride without authorization. If anyone starts to suffer symptoms as described below, that person must report to a medical officer immediately.

Description: SCP-XXX is an inverted roller coaster, approximately 2,500 ft (762 m) long in track length and 30 ft (10 m) at it’s highest point. The roller coaster is sunk 6 ft (2m) into the ground in a concrete pit, lowering the overall height of the roller coaster. The ride has 3 trains - each train has 4 seats per row, with 7 rows per train. Each seat on the trains has traces of blood and bone present on them. The ride is still functional – the control panel at the beginning of the ride can be used to control the restraints, the speed of the ride, and all other operations. However, all security cameras stationed along the ride are non-functional due to what appears to be environmental causes. All safety railings and emergency walkways are also corroded beyond acceptable safety standards, and some have already collapsed or broken away.

Also present on the site, in the centre of the ride, is SCP-XXX-01, a large mass of flesh and bone resembling a human spine and dorsal ribcage. This mass is held down by steel girders, preventing any possible movement from it. The organism pulses in a regular rhythm, suggesting breathing and possible respiration is occurring. SCP-XXX-01 appears to have multiple wounds in its flesh – these wounds do not heal over time, nor does blood issue from these wounds. Larger lacerations and holes in the body allow parts of SCP-XXX to pass through SCP-XXX-01. There appear to be no external senses or orifices on the creature’s body, but large tentacles branch from random areas on the body, draping over the track of the ride and grasping nearby objects in a manner similar to a climbing plant.

SCP-XXX-01 “feeds” by using some form of mental suggestion, tempting those who view the surrounding promotional signs or the ride itself to ride SCP-XXX. Those suffering from the mental suggestion experience mild headaches initially, and then express a desire to board the ride, often accompanied by low-level hyperactivity. Once a victim or group of victims has boarded, the ride activates, regardless of whether someone is at the controls or the ride is turned on. Victims in the seats of the ride do not respond to stimuli such as pain or sound, merely staring straight ahead. When the train passes through the third consecutive hole in the body of SCP-XXX-01, all persons on board disappear instantly, leaving behind blood stains and fragments of bone or flesh, although there are no signs of a struggle.

SCP-XXX was discovered in 2001, during the initial demolition of █████████ Theme Park. 6 construction workers were lost to SCP-XXX-01 when they approached to begin demolition. Local police teams were called in to investigate, during which an officer was lost on the ride. The Foundation was called in once officers noticed SCP-XXX-01’s breathing.

Addendum:Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #XXX-A

Document #XXX-A: Incident XXX-A - ██/██/████ On the above date, Security Guard Brian ███████ was involved in an incident concerning SCP-XXX-01. He was found unconcious at the platform of the ride, in front of the security station. His colleagues suspected he had been under the influence of SCP-XXX-01, and detained him as per containment procedures. The below log is the transcript of the interview conducted after he recovered.

<Begin log>

Interviewer: Could you describe what happened?

Security Guard ███████: Well, it was about 11:00 AM. It was my shift, so I started to do my patrol as normal. Then I started hearing voices.

I: Could you describe these voices?

SG: They were… indistinct. I couldn't make out any words. I thought someone had gotten in and the ride hadn't recognised them yet, so I went to check it out.

I: What happened?

SG: Well, I followed them. They were coming from the security booth, you know, at the begining of the ride? But when I got there, they'd stopped. But one of the cameras was on.

I: On?

SG: There was static, like a bad TV reception. [Security Guard ███████ is becoming agitated.]

I: Calm down. What did you do next?

SG: [Agitated] Well, I went to turn it off, so everything would be fine and I could look for any intruders, when the static cleared. There was footage playing… [Security Guard ███████ is shivering]

I: Please remain calm.

SG: [Ignoring Interviewer, voice is shaking] It looked like there had been some red gauze or something over the camera, but it was distorted, like underwater. I could see the ride. I could see one of the carriages going up, it had- it had people in.

I: What did they look like?

SG: They were dead. All of them. Dead and rotting.

I: How-

SG: [Interrupting] And than I heard laughing, like my own voice, I was laughing, [shaking becomes more violent at this stage] but it wasn't me, it was the ride, it was laughing at me-

[Security Guard ███████ suddednly enters a violent seizure, and has to be restrained and moved to the medical bay.]

<End Log>

Addendum: The information gleaned from the transcript suggests that SCP-XXX-01 is sentient and malovent. Dr. █████ requested upgrade to Object Class Keter - request pending.

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