Consumptive Tape Recorder
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SCP-384 does not display any outward indications of its abnormal ability.

Item #: SCP-384

Object Class: Safe ((Upgrade to Euclid pending))

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-384 is to be contained in a locked acrylic case and stored in Security Locker 32 in Site ██. Its face buttons are not to be touched except for during testing. All experiments are to be carried out in a specially designed room in Sub-Basement █. One wall of the testing chamber is to host an observation window, and all walls are to be impregnated with sound-deadening material; no sound may enter the chamber while testing is in progress. While the recorder is active, directions will be given to D-class subjects through visual means.

Description: SCP-384 is a silver-grey tape recorder, model WS-500M. Outward inspection reveals nothing strange about it; its properties manifest only when it is in use. Due to this, it is imperative that SCP-384 be uniquely traceable.

It appears that SCP-384 is capable, through unknown means, of interfering with the Broca's area of the human brain, producing a selective form of expressive aphasia. See Addendum 01. If the microphones are activated, and a subject speaks into it, the speaker will lose the ability to reproduce certain phrases until SCP-384 is played back.

Addendum 384-01: After Broca's aphasia was put forth as an explanation, Dr. C██████ suggested performing an MRI scan on that area. Supplied with the test phrase "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog," the D-class personnel was inserted into the bore. Individually, D-class was able to reproduce all individual words with no abnormalities. Upon attempting to reproduce the phrase in its entirety, D-class got up to "brown." Heightened activity near the Broca's area was detected, and the D-class stopped reproducing the phrase. Repeated attempts to produce led to the same results.

Testing Logs

Test 384-01
Circumstances: D-437 and D-412 are given SCP-384 and prompted to seed it with several passages from the King James Version of the Bible, with the aim of giving SCP-384 a wide variety of words to draw from.
Results: SCP-384 acted as normal and replayed the recitation.

Test 384-02
Circumstances: Immediately following Test 01, D-412 ordered to leave the room. D-437 instructed to start the player again.
Results: 437 became anxious, but reported that the voice seemed elderly and Caucasian, described as "booming, but in a gentle way."

Test 384-03
Circumstances: D-265 prompted to record passages from Crime and Punishment.
Results: 265 throws the recorder down upon playback, visibly trembling. When pressed, 265 refused to disclose what was said, only that the speaker sounded "fuckin' angry, man, like a Russian mobster about to break a skull."
Note: On review, it was mentioned that 265 was originally imprisoned for mob-related activities.

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