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Emblem of "The Consecrated", copied from a roster of members, 1986.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Complete text of SCP-XXX theological materials are on file in Secure Facility Libros-A-12 and avaliable for review only to those with a clearance level of 5 or higher. All further documents relating to SCP-XXX should be destroyed via immolation. If this is not possible, other means of destruction or immediate confiscation is recommended.

Witnesses to anomalous events caused by [REDACTED] should ideally be administered a class A amnesiac and euthanized, but in the event of an anomaly with many witnesses, a class C amnesiac should be placed in the area's water supply.

Any past or present member of SCP-XXX is to be considered a possible [REDACTED] and euthanized, however, it is preferred that a class A amnesiac be utilised before termination if possible. In the interest of preventing a potential keter level threat scenario, total suppression of SCP-XXX and its adherents is necessary for containment.

Description: SCP-XXX is a monotheistic nonabrahamic faith centered on adherence to principles taught by various holy texts penned by an unknown author.

The texts are fragments of vellum, papyrus, linen, and granite. Most of these are illustrated and appear to have had their edges burned at some point. The oldest fragments are written in an unknown language on granite tablets via a hammer and chisel. Examination of the tablets by SCP personnel indicate the age of the carvings to be between ████ to █████ years old. The newer fragments describe [DATA EXPUNGED]. They are written in various languages, including Middle High German, Middle English, Ancient Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Maya script, Old Persian, and Old Chinese. The texts in identifiable languages have been translated by Researcher █████ and relevant sections can be found in Document XXX-LL35.

Followers of SCP-XXX worship an unknown entity simply referred to as "god" or "the bringer", henceforth referred to as "SCP-XXX-1". They believe, among other things, that their worship of the entity will please it and "cleanse" the planet, bringing about a new world using only its followers as progenitors of the new human race. Their leaders' targets for recruitment tend to be those in bad financial situations, people who live alone, and the mentally ill, who follow a system of slow indoctrination over the course of several months to a few years in order to ensure total loyalty to the leaders and SCP-XXX-1. SCP-XXX-1 is believed to have manifested itself in various ways several times throughout history, and is tentitively credited with certain mass disappearances, instances of hysteria, and the destruction of a few small cities. Most recently, [REDACTED] has been linked with anomalous events at ████████, ██. The prevention of further intrusion by this entity is the primary goal of containment procedure as outlined above. Logs of possible SCP-XXX related incident survivors can be found in the addendum.

It is believed that the followers have performed rituals intended to "evocate" [DATA EXPUNGED]. If these were successful, it is of the utmost priority that all "evocated" adherents of SCP-XXX be terminated on sight. Doctor Vanheissen has theorised that there may be as many as [REDACTED], including at least [DATA EXPUNGED]

Adherents of SCP-XXX may be identified by tattoos, or scars from the removal thereof, located on the shoulders, the soles of the feet, along the sternum, or the nape of the neck. Higher-ranking followers generally have these on the palms of the hands. It is estimated there are ten to thirty remaining adherents left in the United States, most likely located in the [REDACTED] area, though they may be in hiding elsewhere. Most are female and in their early twenties to mid-fifties, with the males usually being significantly older.

Addendum: The last religious group centered around SCP-XXX-1 was disbanded in XXXX after [DATA EXPUNGED]. For a more detailed account of the incident, please see [REDACTED]. A roster of members in [REDACTED] can be found in Dr. Krell's office.

I'm working on translating the older fragments in the languages that are actually identifiable. The unknown script looks somewhat like a combination of Phoenician with a bit of Hebrew and Cyrillic tossed in. If anyone has any idea what it could be, leave me a note, I haven't gotten anything so far. - Researcher █████

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