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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in Site-██, in a standard 15 X 45 cm box when not being tested. SCP-XXXX is to be used by level 3 or higher staff along with three (3) guards in case of violence reaction of SCP-XXXX-01, SCP-XXXX-02, staff or contain SCP-XXXX-01, SCP-XXXX-02, or staff if the situation arises. Following Incident SCP-XXXX-01o, SCP-XXXX is to be locked in a standard storage container with a two (2) key lock system, both held by site commander, only to be open with approval of 05-█.
Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a normal PDA with a conical light-blub imbedded above the screen. SCP-XXXX will activate when held by a person, hereby SCP-XXXX-01. Upon activating, SCP-XXXX will emit an encompassing light from the light-blub that will proceed to scan SCP-XXXX-01. Upon finishing scan, SCP-XXXX will proceed with list all criminal actions that SCP-XXXX-01 has committed both verbally and visually. Upon finishing the list, SCP-XXXX-01 is capable of scanning other people, to be known as SCP-XXXX-02, and gain a list of criminal actions that SCP-XXXX-02 has committed in the same manner of SCP-XXXX-01.

Upon activating, SCP-XXXX will list the criminal actions in degree of severity of offense, depth of detail verifying for unknown reasons See test SCP-XXXX-01m and SCP-XXXX-01n. SCP-XXXX will retain knowledge of all previous SCP-XXXX-01 and will not begin to repeat the list upon activation only state new criminal action. See test SCP-XXXX01g. Upon letting go of SCP-XXXX post scanning , SCP-XXXX will deactivate and will restart to scan SCP-XXXX-01 again after picking SCP-XXXX up again.

SCP-XXXX was found on a raid on [DATA-EXPUNGED]. Upon completing said raid, Agent ██████ noticed SCP-XXXX and believed it to be a normal PDA. On the belief receiving it would give the Foundation information on [DATA-EXPUNGED], Agent ██████ picked SCP-XXXX up, where it began to activate. SCP-XXXX began to list Agent ██████’s criminal actions, starting with [DATA-EXPUNGED]. Agent █████, Agent ████, Agent █████ and Dr. ████ ████ were quickly contained by security forces and investigation proved that along with Agent ██████ were all spies from [DATA-EXPUNGED]. They were [DATA-EXPUNGED] and terminated.

Addendum-SCP-XXXXa: Request for SCP-XXXX to be given to the Security Department as a manner to screen any spies have made.

Request denied for time being. We must know if there is any possible danger that SCP-XXXX possesses to SCP-XXXX-01. -05-

Addendum-SCP-XXXXb: Request for testing and only D-Class that have extensive criminal records for increased chance of recording SCP-XXXX. –Dr. T████

Request approved. -05-█

Test-log of SCP-XXXX
Test observer: Dr. T████
Purpose of test:
Verify if SCP-XXXX will remain visual in presence of a deaf SCP-XXXX-01.
Test record:
D-Class-XXXX-5663 is deaf serial killer with multiple crimes in [REDACTED] was instructed to pick up SCP-XXXX by two security guards. Upon doing so, SCP-XXXX begin to activate and scan D-Class-XXXX-5663. Upon doing so, D-Class-XXXX-5663 dropped SCP-XXXX, which caused SCP-XXXX to deactivate. D-Class-XXXX-5663 was ordered to pick up SCP-XXXX. [REDACTED]. D-Class-XXXX-5663 was sent to be terminated for [DATA-EXPUNGED].
Test result:
SCP-XXXX will remain visual if SCP-XXXX-01 cannot hear it.
Notes from Dr. T ████
D-Class-XXXX-5663 was not terminated on the spot despite what examination of the cadaver might imply.

Purpose of test:
Verify if SCP-XXXX will remain verbal in presence of a blind SCP-XXXX-01.
Test record:
D-Class-XXXX-5664 is a self-induced blind ██████ killer with ███ known acts of [REDACTED]. D-Class-XXXX-5664 was told to pick up SCP-XXXX by security guard. SCP-XXXX activated. [DATA-EXPUNGED].
Test result:
SCP-XXXX will remain verbal if SCP-XXXX-01 cannot hear it.
Notes from Dr. T████
//Again D-Class- XXXX-5664 was not shoot by both security guards, then physically beaten and [REDACTED] //

Addendum SCP-XXXXc: Dr. T████ and security guards were detained for massive breach of protocols for ██ days. Dr. T████ and the two security guards were slated to terminated when Dr. T████ revealed the criminal actions of D-Class-XXXX-5663 and D-Class-XXXX-5664 to site commander. Site commander then proceeded to have the termination order moved upward in priority.

Message from Site commander Site-██
Testing of SCP-XXXX is to be done with one security guard now, armed with non-lethal ammunition while all other personals are to remain observation room. The security guard is to be tested and must prove their loyalty to the Foundation above all to avoid a repeat of Test Result –XXXX-01b. Remember that the Foundation is meant to Secure Contain and Protect dangerous objects, not to Shoot, [REDACTED] and Physically beat criminal people to death.

Dr. Larther appointed to the testing of SCP-XXXX due the extreme loyalty Dr. Larther has presented to the Foundation.

Test observer: Dr. Larther
Test-SCP-XXXX-01c Purpose of test: to determine what happens when SCP-XXXX-01 is both blind and deaf.
Test Record: D-Class-XXXX-5684 is a low level criminal to avoid repeat of Test Result of -XXXX-01b. D-Class-XXXX-5684 was directed to SCP-XXXX by security guard. SCP-XXXX was placed D-Class-XXXX-5684’s hands. SCP-XXXX began to activate in standard scanning D-Class-XXXX-5684. Upon finishing scanning, SCP-XXXX began to [REDACTED].
Test result: [REDACTED]
Notes of Dr. Larther
Ow, my head.

Test Purpose: To determine why SCP-XXXX goes into detail for different SCP-XXXX-01.
Test Record: Security guard █████ offered to be SCP-XXXX-01 to Dr. Larther after hearing the purpose of test. Security guard █████ record shows no criminal actions known. █████ went to pick up SCP-XXXX up. SCP-XXXX began to scan █████ where it listed ███ instances of jaywalking, ██████ of loitering, ███hours of unauthorized computer use and [REDACTED]. █████ began to weep after SCP-XXXX finished. Upon finishing, █████ went to Dr. Larther and proceeded to thank Dr. Larther for clearing his conscious.
Test result: Test deemed failure. Testing to be done again.
Notes of Dr. Larther
Upon further investigation, █████ SCP-XXXX-01m was revealed to be an ex-security commander when [DATA-EXPUNGED]. Although █████ SCP-XXXX-01m was told and proved that there was nothing he could have done, █████ SCP-XXXX-01m had required extensive therapy sessions. After which, requested for a demotion to basic security guard. SCP-XXXX just proved that █████ SCP-XXXX-01m did nothing wrong. Recommendation SCP-XXXX to be used as means to relive personals suffering guilt from trauma incidents.

Addendum-SCP-XXXXd: Request is being looked over by Ethics Committee.

Notes of Dr. Larther
During Test-SCP-XXXX-01m, █████ SCP-XXXX-01m’s criminal actions were very brief. Is it possible judging —the person holding it—SCP-XXXX based on their intent of the crime? This needs to be tested.

Test-SCP-XXXX-01m and SCP-XXXX-01n
Test Purpose: To determine if SCP-XXXX goes into detail for SCP-XXXX-01 based on their intent of their criminal action.
Test Record: Dr. Larther ordered SCP-XXXX-01m to use SCP-███ and order Agent █████, here to be known as SCP- to execute D-Class-XXXX-5735 using [DATA-EXPUNGED]. After action was committed. SCP-XXXX-01m then was order to pick up SCP-XXXX. Upon doing so, SCP-XXXX began with D-Class-XXXX-5735 death in graphic detail. SCP-XXXX-01m was shaken by SCP-XXXX, but finished hear the end of the list. SCP-XXXX-01n when told to pick up SCP-XXXX, it did list D-Class-XXXX-5735, but did not go into detail as it did for SCP-XXXX-01m
Test Result: Test proves hypothesis of SCP-XXXX going into detail of SCP-XXXX-01.
Notes of Dr. Larther
One more test is needed to confirm my hypothesis. I suppose I should do it. I know my record is clean, and I can handle D-Class-XXXX-5735 death being described.

Addendum-SCP-XXXXe: Incident SCP-XXXX-01o is to be accessed by level four personals only.

On ██/██/████, Dr. Lather proceeded to pick up SCP-XXXX to test his hypothesis. Upon finishing the scan, SCP-XXXX began to describe procedure 110-Montauk in great detail. [DATA-EXPUNGED]. Site-██ comes under attack from defectors lead by SCP-XXXX-01o. Containment breaches of SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███ and SCP-███ and other containment breaches were deemed imminent, including SCP-████. Two MTFs were immediately informed of the situation and order to secure Site-██. [DATA-EXPUNGED]. SCP-XXXX-01o and all ███ defectors were terminated by the remaining ██ personals. ██ of the ██ personals then went to secure and contain the loose SCPs while █ stayed tend to the wounded ███. Of the ██ that went to secure and contain the loose SCPs, only █ survived the successful re-capture of all loose SCPs. Two minutes later both MTFs arrived and locked down the site. Only ██ personals from Site-██ survived the night. Upon discovery on of video recording of test-SCP-XXXX-01o, all personal involved were given A Amnesiac and a cover story of chaos-insurgency attack was used.

** Addendum SCP-XXXXf:** Grave warning
SCP-XXXX proves how dangerous our job is. We may do horrible actions to protect the world from these dangerous objects. I do not need to reminded you that we stand in the way of things that could destroy the world and reality if let loose. However, the manner that we contain and secure these objects is too much for some personals, and they require to forget so they can move on. We are not monsters. We will comply if it does not conflict with the security required and the situation is truly horrific. That said, SCP-XXXX proved to be extremely dangerous when it caused Dr. Larther to remember his action with SCP-271. It caused a loyal personal to defect and lead an assault against the Foundation with other defectors. We are lucky that none of them survived and escape. It is also why all testing of SCP-XXXX is be heavily monitored to prevent such an incident happing again. There is also a worse scenario. Dr. Larther acted in haste. If we were to deal with defector that was subtle, the Foundation could face security problems, the like of which we have never seen before. It could also lead to rebel entity whose goal would to be destroy the Foundation. And the anger that Dr. Larther displayed worries us that a possible rebel entity that would go to any lengths to destroy the Foundation, including sacrificing the world to do so.
Secure. Contain. Protect.

** Addendum SCP-XXXXg:** Update on Site-██
When going over the record of personal lost during Incident-SCP-XXXX-01o, there was one missing personal from the total. One MTF is located [DATA- EXPUNGED] and terminate.

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