The Tuxedo

Object Class:Elucid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-1009 is to be kept in tbdl.

Description: SCP-1009: A black wool tuxedo suit with pants and one red tie.

Notations of Dr.X of site 14 on the effect of SCP-1009 on subject #1002.

Day one)
Dr.X: I came across SCP-1009 at an auction in Mississippi by chance, SCP-1009 had an elaborate porcelain doll within it. The doll was so exquisite that it looked human.

(Day Two)
Dr.X: Well as soon as I removed SCP-1009 from the doll, it turned to dust. A whole day wasted and all because the silly doll was old. The containment room I had been assigned needed to be swept and re-sterilized. I must be patient. I will run some tests on SCP-1009 in the lab in the meantime.

(Day Four)
Dr.X: Subject #1002 Has put on the tuxedo and was instantly turned into a porcelain doll. Simply amazing I had attached a E.K.G. machine to the subject to monitor him. It seems that subject #1002 is still aware of what is going on around him, but is unable to react in any way. It's almost like he is in a coma. His mind is still working, although all his other major functions have stopped. I must run some tests on the subject to see if his sensory functions work or have they stopped as well.

(Day Five)
Dr.X: Subject#1002 doesn't have a single scratch on him and I have tried everything. What kind of porcelain is this? It doesn't chip or fail, not even under the torch did it waver. I seem to hear a disembodied voice that seems to come from the doll. "My vow to thee is immortality, but should I be removed then dust shall ye be." I must be losing it. Perhaps I have been working too long. I think I will take a brake from SCP-1009.

(Day Seven)
Dr.X: Subject #1002 and SCP-1009 are now one, so from now on I will be referring to SCP-1009 as the subject. I will run SCP-1009 through a C.A.T scan. All his organs are there perfectly preserved in porcelain. Even his veins are porcelain, and again I hear that cursed voice coming from the doll. "My vow to thee is immortality, but should I be removed then dust shall ye be.

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