An Empty Cage

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a airtight storage room at Site-██, with no less than two armed guards posted at all times. The air in this room is to be disinfected with fire-based sterilization equipment before any person enters the room (this includes events in a standard testing environment). All persons entering the area where SCP-XXX is located without proper protection are not authorized to leave, and all persons who expire while in the chamber are to be removed with aforementioned fire-based sterilization equipment.

Due to the social implications of a single person who has been exposed to SCP-XXX, all persons at Site-██ showing any symptoms of infections are to be locked in an airtight isolation chamber for at least 48 hours. If no further symptoms of SCP-XXX are seen during this time, the person is to be let out and directed to psychiatric counseling.

All authorized personnel assigned to the research and observation of subjects infected by SCP-XXX are required to view the video, audio, and textual logs of Incident XXX-02 before taking part in any research based activities. The reason for this is to remind all personnel assigned to it of the social and emotional implications of infection. Any personnel displaying consistent sympathy is to be removed from testing.

In the event of a Class ██ containment breach, Emergency Protocol XXX-A is to be implemented immediately. Mobile Task Force Delta-7 “PlagueBreakers” has been created to respond to and neutralize any threats of SCP-XXX outside of containment.

Description: SCP-XXX is a bacterial infection very similar to [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is not able to infect insects, species with no cognitive functions, or microscopic organisms; however, it was capable of infecting 95% of the other species it was tested on. It appears to be highly adaptive, and will slightly change its effects depending on the species of its host.

SCP-XXX is an exclusively airborne infection. It enters the body by means of the lungs, using the bloodstream to spread all over the torso of the host. From there; the virus proceeds to do two things:

  • Create a large number of cysts on the inside of the host’s chest cavity. The only way that SCP-XXX is capable of spreading itself is by way of these cysts. They eventually detonate, resulting in a massive spread of the SCP-XXX over an area and usually the death of the host.
  • Place itself throughout the spinal cord; coating it and placing itself in between neurons in order to intercept chemical signals sent from the brain.

The main difference between SCP-XXX and [DATA EXPUNGED] is that it appears to use its effects to take advantage of the sociology of its host. It usually tends to take advantage of sympathy or the emotions of others in order to achieve its goals. In short, it directs its host to draw as much attention to itself as possible; and then emulates signs that the host needs attention or social intervention. The behaviors that SCP-XXX expresses have been similar to the symptoms of the following;

  • Clinical depression
  • Withdrawal
  • Loneliness
  • Romance

The end point of this is to provoke sympathy from those around it, and to attempt to keep as many of the hosts’ peers around for as long as possible. After SCP-XXX releases itself from its host, all of these subjects in the immediate vicinity have a ██ chance of becoming infected.

For a full detailing of the symptoms and stages of SCP-XXX infection, refer to Document XXX-01.

Experiment XXX-03

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