Danfiltz - Desire
Photo of SCP-XXXX in his "true" form. Taken in the abandoned building where he was found.1

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is locked away in an ordinary cell with minimal furnishing. As requested by the subject, no high reflective objects that could be used as a mirror may be brought into his cell.

Visiting SCP-XXXX is encouraged but may be monitored.

Description: It appears that every individual perceives SCP-XXXX as a person (or creature) of what that individual desires to see the most, even if one isn't consciously aware of who or what it is.

In some cases people see deceased or missing persons. Some see what they think religious figures like Jesus, Buddha or God look like. Others see mythical creatures like dragons, fairies, angels or aliens.

Several natural responses to seeing SCP-XXXX have been observed and vary from person to person. Some reactions are, for example, high emotional outbursts, disbelief, fear or behaving irrationally. In some extreme cases, it can even cause depressions and anxieties. If that is the case, it is advised to seek psychological help.

Photos of the subject show SCP-XXXX in what is believed to be his “true” form. His clothes and haircut seem not to change regardless of how much time passed between the pictures.

SCP-XXXX was found in an abandoned building near █████████ after a high amount of reports of “seeing God/a dragon/aliens ect.” in the area had caught our attention. The subject did not resist and we could secure him without any incidents.

Note: The properties of SCP-XXXXs appearance may be useful for psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or interrogations.

Addendum: An interview with SCP-XXXX is scheduled for the ██/██/2012 and will be held by Dr. ██████.

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