Danfiltz - Surgery Room
SCP-XXXX during an experiment.1

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No surgical procedures may take place in SCP-XXXX except during an authorized experiment. The room is currently used as storage space as it seems to have no effects on fully conscious beings. However, if any other anomaly is being discovered, it may immediately be locked down for further investigation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 7.16 x 7.77 m (55.32 m²) room in the local hospital of ██████, originally designed for surgery. It is located on the second floor and has the room number 243. There are multiple entrances from several different hallways to make it accessible from every direction in case of an emergency.

Patients under general anesthesia who are brought into this room wake up to full consciousness after a seemingly random amount of time (but especially during surgery). Some of the effects of the drug used to get a patient into an unconscious state are nullified thus allowing the subject to feel pain and everything that is happening during the operation but not to move or talk. This state is also called “anesthesia awareness”.

Every patient who woke up reported afterwards that they heard an attractive female voice while they were unconscious. No one except patients under narcosis could hear this voice. They also stated that this voice was trying to convince them that, if they wouldn't wake up now, they would die.

If it is discovered that a patient is awake, the attempt to get the patient under anesthesia again results in the patient hearing the voice once more thus waking him back up.

For now it is unknown where this voice is coming from, why it wants to wake up the patients and if those patients really would die.

As a natural consequence, all patients who wake up during surgery experience a heavy psychological trauma. This might cause, for example, panic attacks while being in hospitals, anxieties and depressions. Psychological treatment is advised.

In the past SCP-XXXX was only occasionally in use since there were enough other rooms for operations. Recently, however, were some of those rooms repurposed after some budget cuts. An alarmingly high number of patients waking up during surgery had been observed, so investigations were initiated. The results of the research were the statements of patients hearing this voice. This subsequently got our attention.

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