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An instance of SCP-636 captured on high speed automatic camera, moments before SCP-636-2 emerged. The operator died shortly after.

Item #: SCP-636

Object Class: Euclid Safe, see document 636-β

Special Containment Procedures:
The area in which instances of SCP-636-1 manifest is at the heart of the ████ Woodlands, Derbyshire, England, Coordinates 53.4█°N 1.7█°W.

A containment area roughly one mile beyond the borders of SCP-636's effect must be monitored at all times. Anyone attempting to hike or enter the area for any reason should be approached by an SCP agent disguised as a local constable and dissuaded from such activity. If containment is breached, and SCP-636 manifests, survivors (if any) should be given class A amnesiacs and monitored for a period of three months to be sure no further instances of SCP-636-2 appear.

The area should also be monitored for any individuals returned by SCP-636. Such individuals should be quarantined in the nearby containment site, and can only be released by the orders of Command level O-5.

A containment area, SCP Site-██, has been established outside the containment area to house non-contemporaneous individuals found within the quarantine area.

*WARNING*: Under no circumstances fire on any living being while within the zone, due to [DATA EXPUNGED].

The only time SCP-636-1 or 2 can be observed is when an object with a forward area of less than 3 cm² exceeds a velocity of 15 m/s within the designated area. Once this occurs, an energy transfer can be witnessed in the form of a portal appearing as a small radiating pattern from the projectile, which immediately slows to a halt and falls to the ground.

The portal opens for only a fraction of a second, appearing as a flash. Only high speed cameras can capture the actual appearance of SCP-636-1. Within this brief interval, several instances of SCP-636-2 appear moving at such high speeds that they break the sound barrier, causing miniature sonic booms in their wake. It is hypothesized that the time differential between [DATA REDACTED] causes the effect, and is in fact a result of [DATA REDACTED].

The instances of SCP-636-2 are difficult to examine, as they move fast enough to only be vague blurs on even the most sensitive high speed cameras. Several were clocked breaking Mach 5 (1701 m/s) though they never appear to be damaged by this rapid acceleration. Any items that they interact with, however, can be heavily damaged. Trees have been felled, or simply tunneled through, even earth and rock have small 'fairy holes' as they are called by local law.

When SCP-636-2 appear, and take one of several actions towards the hunter. No meaningful pattern can be discerned regarding which individual will elicit which response, but D-class personnel who have committed violent crimes, or anyone carrying, wearing, or implanted with iron, steel, or [DATA EXPUNGED] will tend to elicit more violent reactions.

In all cases, survivors exposed to SCP-636-1 or 2 will immediately drop their weapons and flee, and invariably develop a strong phobia against hunting, or sometimes even holding weapons ever again.

  • Weapon destroyed, usually by simply beating their fists on it until it shatters or cracks, though Iron or steel weapons appear to be immune from this treatment. This usually has the side effect of breaking the subjects hands or other similar bodily trauma.
  • Cause the subject to for a period of three months and three days curdle all milk they are exposed to.
  • Ensnared in a net woven of nanometer thin cords, which is then pulled taut and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Analysis of remaining particles of thread reveal them to have a tensile strength in excess of 90 GPa, or in other words, exceeding that of multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Experiments in replicating this material have failed, though research is ongoing. Requests for more samples of the material, dubbed SCP-636-3 have been submitted and are awaiting approval.
  • Be surrounded by a circle of Clitocybe rivulosa, (common name: fool's funnel, or false champignon,) which appear to be planted by SCP-636-2 These fungi will not spore or reproduce, but will have an extremely elevated level of the active toxin in such fungus (muscarine) in some case in excess of three hundred times the usual amount. Crushing or stepping on the fungi will release the toxin in a fine spray. Any contact will cause excessive salivation, abdominal pain, lacrimation (tears), muscle weakness, fatigue, followed within a half hour by cardiac or respiratory failure. If avoided, these fungi will last for roughly a month, rotting soon after. Any area affected by this phenomenon should me avoided by SCP agents, as the toxic effect can linger in the soil for up to thirty years. Atropine seems to have no effect, as the toxic dosage is so high as to surpass LD-100
  • Abduction and [DATA EXPUNGED] for up to a period of 333 years, or in one case, 3333 years.
  • Flayed by [DATA EXPUNGED].

Individuals who are hunting only for subsistence may only have simple pranks played on them, varying from having shoelaces tied together, having all the seams in their clothing torn out, or simply having their possessions rearranged. Those who have a deep respect for the earth tend to have lighter 'punishments' levied against them. Anyone hunting for sport, or who has recently ingested [DATA EXPUNGED], will usually be abducted.


For further testing logs, individuals with level 1 clearance or above please read SCP-636-test-log. Testing of SCP-636 should only be conducted with permission from Dr. ████ Darkley or from two individuals with level 4 clearance or above. SCP personnel are reminded that handing D class personnel loaded weapons is not a wise idea, especially in areas where firing your own weapon is inadvisable. Shock collars are advised for all testing subjects.

Individuals with level 4 clearance or above should read document SCP-636-Ω.

The site was secured in 19██ during World War II when rationing was in effect. Many hunters were drawn to the site, due to its higher than usual density of local fauna. Reports of music and laughter from deep within the forest that had no seeming origin, along with many missing persons reports filed came to the attention of the Agency. Agents were dispatched to the area. After three days scouring the hills, Agent █████, unfamiliar with the forest at night, fired on what is believed to be a red fox, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Further investigation into the phenomenon was conducted with the loss of █ D-class personnel, and the loss of one one additional agent when a D-class tried to pistol butt him, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Due to the scientific benefits SCP-636-3 could bring, further experimentation has been requested and is pending review.


The current Site has been maintained for the last ██ years. With the imposition of stricter gun control the site has received less and less hunting recently. No incidents have been reported in the last decade, aside from the trickle of returning individuals, and no expansion of the area has been noted.

With the new powers allowed by the ████ section of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (2006), new barriers have been erected around the area. SCP-636 now classified as safe.

Interviews with survivors of abduction by SCP-636-2 are difficult to obtain, as they are usually in either a catatonic state, or in full-blown psychotic breaks. The few that will speak coherently describe the land beyond the portal as [DATA EXPUNGED], the ruler of which is Queen ███████. There appears to be a civil war going on between the two [DATA EXPUNGED].

Many of the subjects must be force fed, as they will not eat normal food. All the subjects appear to be suffering from Ageusia, describing food and drink as 'cardboard' or 'flavorless', even when doused with hot-sauce or spiced beyond what a normal person would eat. Some success has been made with certain rare fungi, though the expense and time involved with collecting these has been deemed too costly.

All individuals have been gone for at least 333 years, 3 months, and 3 days from the original abduction, though in one case, an individual was returned after approximately 3333 years, who [DATA EXPUNGED]. All victims capable of salient communication report that only a few years at most have passed for them, and have not seemed to age at all. Blood tests and other examinations reveal elevated levels of [DATA EXPUNGED] in the victims blood streams, and neurological scans show that the cent

I don't care what anyone says. I STILL don't believe in fairies. ~ Dr. Darkley

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